Thursday, September 19, 2013

Projects to get organized for the Fall

With the upcoming holidays being organized on things is a great way of being prepared.  Besides, it will be one less thing to worry about and items will be tidy and in their place.

Door Organizer

Materials:  3 pieces of 9″x 12″ pre-cut felt, -9″x12″ piece of double-sided fusible webbing, scissors, circle template that measures the same size as your doorknob (we used the bottom of a drinking glass), pen or chalk, and sewing machine or needle & thread

Cut out 3 pieces of felt that is approximately the same size. (Picture above measures 4.5″ x 12″ or you can use half of a piece of pre-cut felt from the fabric store.)
Cut out two pieces of double-sided fusible webbing that are slightly smaller than the felt.
Sandwich the felt pieces together with fusible webbing between each layer and with your iron set to medium-high, fuse the three pieces together.
Square up all the edges with your scissors until all three pieces are exactly the same size.
Trace a circle that is the same size as your doorknob onto the fused felt, about 1” down from the top.

Carefully cut out the circle with your scissors.
Cut out two pockets and stitch them to the larger felt piece along the sides and bottom.
Fill pockets, hang on your front doorknob, and never forget your important stuff again!

This next project is not for beginners and would be a great idea to use for a kids/teeny room to keep them organized.

Bed Pockets

Materials: Main fabric:85cm x 40cm (33.5 x 15.75”), Top flap: 15cm x 40cm (6 x 15.75”), Inside drawer magic grip: 20cm x 34cm (8 x 13.5”), Stitch in Velcro 10cm piece.(4”), (the magic grip stuff is the rubbery mesh rolls you can buy to line your kitchen drawers with - this just helps hold the bed pockets in place under the mattress - but you could change this for Velcro straps or ties - it just depends on what kind of bed base you have. Velcro straps which tied around the metal frame base under the mattress.

First of all take the top flat piece and make all 4 edges neat by double turning them and stitching: Then stitch one side of the Velcro piece centrally and close to one edge.
Next take your main fabric piece, double turn and stitch one of the shorter edges to neaten, then stitch on the other Velcro piece centrally and 3cm (1.25”) down from the finished edge.
Next fold the main piece of fabric right sides together to form the pocket. From the fold to the finished edge should be 28cm (11”).

Of course beds may vary in height - the one I'm working on, where the base and mattress meet to the floor is 34cm (13.5”))
Stitch both sides (Here 3/8" or 1cm seam was used.)
Next you need to box out the corners of the pocket so you can fit lots of books in!
To do this, reach your hand inside the pocket you just created and flatten out the corner with the seam in the middle:
Make sure the seam is central on your fold, then stitch across the triangle 4cm (1.5”) in from the point.  It's worth doing a double row of stitching here for extra strength.
Then snip off the triangle of corner just below the stitching, and repeat with the second corner:
Now turn the pocket right side out.  For the next part, finish off the edge of the fabric that will sit under the mattress.  This part will not be seen, but is worth doing to prevent fraying.  Of course it depends on the type of fabric you have used as to whether it will fray.
Just double turn the edges over and stitch:
Next you need to attach the grip material.  Just place this on the right side of the main fabric piece above the pocket-
Pin in place and stitch around the edge.  I found that I needed to firmly hold the fabric behind the needle as I sewed so the foot would move along the rubber grip.
Finally you need to attach the top flap. Place this above the pocket, slightly below the line of stitching from the grip material on the other side. Then pin and stitch on.
Now you are ready to put your pocket in place. Lift up the mattress and place the top piece of fabric with the grip material stitched on where you want it to hang on top of the bed base. Put the mattress back down, and fill with books!
You can fit around 8 large books in a pocket (depending on the thickness of the books)

Magnetic Pockets

Materials:   scraps of material, scissors, general sewing items, sewing machine, matching thread and a magnet for each pocket (FYI:  You could use heat and bond tape instead of sewing the pockets.)

Cut your fabric a little wider than you want your pocket and 4 times the length.
(Picture pockets are 11 x 40cm (4.5 x 16")
Fold in half lengthways with right sides together.  Stitch down both long sides.
Turn the pocket right sides out and press.  Also press the raw edges of the opening inside.  Place the magnet just inside the pocket.   Then stitch across the top of the pocket on both sides of the magnet. Using a zipper foot makes it easier; so, that you could get the line of stitching nice and close to stop the magnet slipping around.
Then stitch down the other two sides of the magnet to hold securely in place.  Fold up your pocket in half, with the magnet at the top back.  And top-stitch down both sides, close to the edge.

Hanging Makeup Roll

Materials: Scrap fabric, sewing machine and general sewing supplies, matching thread, scissors

Measure out how big your square should be based on how big your biggest brush is
Make sure you have enough fabric to fold it half over the brush
Put the right sides together and sew around the edges, leaving a space un-sewn to flip it right side out.
Then once you flip it right side out, sew again around the edges (sewing up the hole) to keep it flat.
Fold one side half over (the pocket for the brushes) and pin where you want each seam to be in between the pockets.  Pin a piece of elastic into the edge seam to keep the bundle together. Then stitch up to the pin points (where the red lines are) to separate the pockets.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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