Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Exercise Projects to make

Everyone wants to be fit before the holidays start; so, here are some sewing projects with that in mind.

Exercise Pedometer Armband

Materials: Coozie cup holder, Pedometer, Sewing machine or needle and thread, on hand

Cut one of the two coozies to the width you would like.  The above has been cut 2 3/4 inches. Sew the small piece to the larger solid one.  Make sure the leave the top open forming a pocket.  Use a zig zag stitch. 
Sew the small piece to the larger solid one.  Make sure the leave the top open forming a pocket.  Use a zig zag stitch.  Slip your iPod in the pocket and hook your pedometer to the outside.  The material makes it very comfortable to place on your upper arm or you can place it on your ankle.

Jogging Armband

Materials: Fabric - this is such a small project, you could probably just use scraps, Fusible Interfacing, Velcro, and Basic Sewing Supplies

Start by measuring the back piece. Make sure you leave a seam allowance. Leave as much as you are comfortable with. You will sew and turn this piece inside out, plus sew the pieces together.
Your piece needs to be doubled, so measure it on the fold to save yourself some sewing later.
You have it measured, cut your fusible interfacing (same size as one half of your whole back piece) and iron it to one side, on the wrong side of the fabric.
Fold in half again, right sides together and sew around it, leaving a space for you to turn the piece inside out. Your interfacing will be on the outside.
Turn the piece inside out through the hole, iron it flat, and sew around the edge, taking care to catch both sides of the unsewn part.
The sew the front pocket, measure your device across the front, including the thickness as well. Take that number and add your seam allowance, plus a little extra so it can be sewn together. Don't go overboard; the pocket needs to be snug. You need two again, so cut so the fold is on top of the pocket. Fold so the right sides are together, just like the back piece and sew around the edge, leaving a space. I added a small pleat (about 1/4 inch) to the bottom so it would line up better later.
Turn the pocket inside out and iron it. Sew across the fold (the top), but don't sew it onto the back piece yet.
Measure your arm for the armband. Make sure you do about 4 extra inches, so the ends can Velcro together. This one about 2 inches finished, so probably 2 1/4 cut.
Cut so one of the long sides in the on the fold, and cut a matching piece of interfacing. Iron it to one of the sides, wrong side of the fabric.
Fold in half, right sides together, and sew all around, leaving an unsewn part. Turn it inside out through the hole and sew around the edges. Make sure you catch both sides of the hole that you left unsewn.
Sew all the pieces together, put the pocket to the front of your back piece. The pocket is wider, so make sure you are sewing the edges together. Pin the pocket in place, and then pin the whole thing to the band. You should be able to sew the whole thing together at once.
Finish with two pieces of Velcro. 

Work It Out iPod Armband

Materials: 1/4 yard of stretch fabric, 3 or 4 inches of Velcro, Button, Sewing machine and thread

Begin by cutting your fabric. My rectangle was 12x8" total. My upper arm measures 11 inches around, and then add 1 inch for seams, so this accounts for the length of the fabric piece. Add or subtract a bit to account for your arm measurements. Multiply the length of your iPod by 2 and then add 2." So if you're making this for an iPhone 5, it should be 12x12" instead of 12x8. You will also need a small rectangle that is 2x1.5" for the loop that goes around the button.
First, fold the fabric in half lengthwise with right sides together. Sew each end with a quarter inch seam allowance, shown below.
Turn the fabric right side out, so the raw edges of the seams are now on the inside. Flip the top raw edge inside and fold it down about an inch
Lay your iPod on top and make sure that its length matches your fabric's width.
You will sew the compartment for the iPod. There are two tricks for this step, so don't let your eyes glaze over now people. Place the iPod right in the center of the strip of fabric, shown above and place pins on either side of the iPod to mark your seam lines. The pins should be placed a quarter of an inch away from each side of the iPod.
DO NOT sew all the way from one side of the fabric to the other... start sewing a quarter of an inch from the top and stop sewing a quarter of an inch from the bottom. Otherwise the stretchy fabric will bulge out on either end. And trick number two: put a piece of tissue paper under your fabric when you're sewing.
Create a seam on either side of the iPod along the lines that you just pinned. Now, sew the soft part of the Velcro to the end of one side of the strip. Then flip it over and sew the scratchy part of the Velcro to the other side.
Next, take the small piece of fabric that you cut earlier, and fold it in half lengthwise with right sides together. Sew down the long edge with a quarter inch seam allowance. Turn it inside out using the safety pin trick. Now sew both ends to the inside of the pocket that you just created for your iPod.
Sew your button onto the front side of the pocket. Your iPod case is finished!

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at stipple@verizon.net.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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