Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sewing bugs (toys) for kids

These three bugs do require some experience in sewing; these bugs are not for beginner sewers.  I always like to do bug projects for kids to do during the summer; but here are some for adult to make for their child or someone else child.  In addition, I like the whimsical look of these bugs.
Ladybug Buddy

Materials:      Small amounts of black and red fabric, Small amount of Heat N Bond (or wonder under), 1/2" button (for nose), 5/8" black satin ribbon (for feet),     Small amounts of white and blue felt (for eyes), Bug Pattern Pieces (this will give you the pattern for all 3 bugs)


 Start by cutting out all pattern pieces.
Take the face pieces (triangles) and fold over 1/2" on the long side. Press down. Pin the triangle face pieces onto the red body pieces with folded side down. (There is no flipping here) Sew close to edge on all three sides. Trim off over hang from fold.  Make the spots by tracing a spool of thread onto the paper side of Heat N Bond. I did 3 spots, but you can do more or less.    Trim around the circles, but don't cut them out yet. Iron onto a small piece of black fabric. Allow to cool before cutting the circles out.  Peel off the paper and place the plastic-y side down. Arrange spots where you want them. Don't place them too close to the edge (you will take a 1/2" seam). Iron on.
This will make the spots secure, so I chose not to sew around them. You can for added strength or for a design element.
Make antenna by folding the long sides to meet in the center and press.  Fold in half again and sew down the the long side. Then tie a knot on each end.  Fold antenna in half so knots are together and place on the black face next to the red body. 
Pin the two red body pieces together on one side with antenna in between. Sew with a 1/2" seam starting a stopping at the dots on the pattern piece.  Cut 6 pieces of 2 1/2" of ribbon for the feet.
Pin feet onto black body piece making sure they will line up behind the black face pieces. It will help to lay them next to each other while placing the feet. Baste the feet on.
With right sides facing, pin the black body piece to the red ones. Leave a 2" opening at the back end of the body for turning and stuffing. Place 2 pins close together to mark where to start and stop.  Finish up your Ladybug by turning and stuffing. Then hand stitch the hole closed. Add the face by placing the button nose on the point where all 3 black pieces meet and making eyes from the pieces of felt and hand stitching them on.

Bumble Bee Buddy

Materials:   small amounts of yellow, black and white fabric,  5/8" black satin ribbon (for feet),  1/2" button (for nose), small amount of white and blue felt for eyes, basic sewing supplies, and Bug Pattern Pieces (this will give you all the pieces for all 3 bugs)

Cut out your pattern pieces. 
Fold the stripe sides in so they meet in the center and iron flat.
Place stripes on body piece. Measure 2" from the tail end and pin the first stripe on. The next stripe will be at the 4" mark (or leave a 1" space between the two stripes).  Sew the stripes on.  Repeat for all body/stripe pieces.
Then trim the overhanging stripe edges. Next step is to make the wings. Iron on interfacing to each piece. Sew around the edges on a 1/4" seam, starting and stopping at the small dots to make for easier turning.  Trim tip, turn and press.
Pin wings to one body piece between stripes. Baste wings on. Set aside.
Cut 6 pieces of ribbon 2 1/2" long.  Pin legs on one body piece, 3 on each side. Baste legs on.  At this point, you should now have 4 pieces. Lay them out like the picture below, all the tail ends pointed the same direction.
Fold top pieces over and pin each half on the top side. Sew on a 1/2" seam starting a stopping at dots on the pattern piece.
Lay two halves down, tail ends facing the same way.
Fold over top half over, pin. Sew around leaving a 2" gap on one end (it really doesn't matter which end you choose) for turning and stuffing. Place 2 pins close together to mark where to start and stop.
Sew around. You will sew in the seams from before. Snip the seam so that it will open and look better when stuffed.
Turn the body right side out and stuff. Hand stitch the opening closed.
Make face by stitching on the button over the intersection of seams. Then cut the eyes from pieces of felt and hand stitch on.

Spider Bug Buddy

Materials:    One fat quarter of fabric, small amount of felt in blue and white (for eyes), 1/2" button (for nose), and Bug Pattern Pieces (this will give you the pattern for all three bugs)


First cut out all the pieces. 
Make the legs by folding them in half and sewing along the long side and one short side at edge of pressure foot. Trim corner and turn.  To make the foot, fold sewn end over 1/2" and sew close to folded edge.
Repeat for all eight legs, but make sure (if you want all the leg seams to face the back) to sew 4 feet one way and the other 4 opposite.  Stuff legs about 2 1/2", then create a knee joint by sewing across the leg; sewing across it 3 times using the backstitch.  Finish stuffing the legs leaving about 1/2" space for sewing.
Prepare body by sewing 2 body pieces together. Do this twice so you have two halves.  Take one half and pin on 4 of the legs. Make sure to have the feet pointed down and all the seams pointed back. Pin first leg about 2 1/2" from the front, each leg should be about 1/4" apart. Baste legs on.  Repeat on the other side, lining up legs with first side. 
You should now have a squashed looking spider. 
To assemble the body, sew only one side at a time to make it easier with the legs.
Take the other half of the body and pin to one side. Sew on a 1/2" seam leaving 1" from seam on one end. Then place 2 pins together to mark where to start.  Tuck all legs inside and pin second half (this takes some patience). Sew second side leaving 1" to seam (2" hole total) at one end.  Clip the seam where you sewed over it.  Turn and stuff. Then hand stitch the opening closed. Add face by stitching button nose at seam intersection and eyes made from felt.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at stipple@verizon.net.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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