Saturday, September 7, 2013

Grandparents Day Projects to make

I am not a grandma to a human; but, a cat which was adopted by my oldest son over a year ago. As a teacher, doing projects with hands and fingers where always a great hit for the recipient and fun for the kids to do.  So you will find some project below that include hands.

Salt Dough Hand Print Ornament

Materials:  4 cups of flour, 1 cup salt, Food coloring, Large Mixing Bowl, Water to moisten, cookie sheet, just a tad of oil, a small rolling pin or wooden dowel, a drinking straw, ribbon, a plate for a guide, paint *if desired
*My goal for this batch was to do a handprint with both twins’ hands on one keepsake & then to have a separate one for each.* This recipe had enough to make 3 keepsakes. Depending on the size & how many kids you have, you may need to double the recipe.*

In your mixing bowl ~ gradually blend in your flour & salt with water.
It was easier for me to lightly grease my baking sheet with oil & form & roll out on the cookie sheet. Once you have your form made, I suggest you use your straw to make a whole in it before you have your kids emboss their hand print.
Keep in mind you need to have your dough thick enough to form the handprint. If your dough is too thin, it will not work. Place in a 150* degree oven for an hour. Or you can air dry over night & for 24 hours.
You can paint or gloss.

Grandparent's Day Hand Print Poem

Materials:  Computer paper or decorative paper, tempera paints, kids hand, printer, and paper plate

Type the poem and then print it out.
Take the child's hand and paint different colors and blot on the paper palate and then onto the bottom of the paper with the poem.  Let dry!

Flower Photo Frame


Materials:  As many different colours of craft foam as you want flowers, flower template, Photo (passport size), Glue, and Magnet


Print out our flower template on to card. Use this to help you cut foam flowers in different colours.
Cut your photo into a circle. Glue this to the centre of one of the flowers.
Turn the flower over and glue the second flower to the back so that the petals sit at a different angle to the first.
Finally glue a magnet to the back.
To make the card shown above:
Fold a sheet of A5 foam or card in half and cut out a vase shape.
Use craft foam letters to add a message to your vase (we wrote "Grans petals".)
Finally, cut a strip of green foam as a stem for each flower. Glue these to the back of each flower and glue the other end to the top of the vase.
Stick the whole thing to a larger piece of card, for display.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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