Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Projects for Kids to make

These items are for kids to make; but, some adults might like to make them, too.

Apple-Print Placemat

Material: burlap, scissors, freezer paper, iron, red and brown textile paint, paintbrushes, printed fabric, and fabric glue

Directions: Cut your burlap to 13" x 17", or whatever place-mat size you want to use. Then, sketch your apple shape onto the paper side of freezer paper and cut it out to form a stencil. Iron the freezer paper into place on the burlap, and then paint inside the stencil with red textile paint. Once it's dry, carefully peel your stencil away. Add a painted stem a funky leaf cut from printed fabric to finish. Pull a few threads from the edge of the place-mat to make the fringe, and repeat until you have enough place-mats for your whole family.

Thanksgiving Fortune Cookies



Materials: Fortune Cookie template (download from Kind Over Matter), color printer, cardstock, scissors, and Glue Dots

Directions: Download the Fortune Cookie template, print, and cut out. Then, fold each circle in half without making a crease along the edge. Holding the circle in half with one hand, use the other to fold the two ends of your half-circle towards each other. Apply a Glue Dot to keep the two ends together. Then, type out and print a few things that you're thankful for and cut them into small strips you can insert into your cookies. Add to your table settings, and have your family "open" their cookies at the end of the meal.

Thanksgiving Pinata







Materials:  Large balloon, Newspaper, Water and flour, rope, Candy or treats. Glue tape, and cupcake liners (thanksgiving colors)

Directions:  Make the round piñata by covering a large balloon with newspaper strips dipped in equal parts water and flour -- don't cover the balloon's tie. Once you’ve got 3-4 layers and the newspaper is dry, pop the balloon by cutting the tie and remove it. Cover that hole with some more dipped newspaper strips and let dry. Then, cut two slits at the top and thread a piece of rope through so your piñata is easy to hang. Cut a "trap door," or three sides of a square, in the back, lift up the flap, and fill with candy, treats, or toys for your kids. Then, tape the trap door closed. To decorate, fold some colorful cupcake liners in half and glue them to piñata until it's covered. Hang and get cracking!

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