Sunday, November 18, 2012

Turkeys and other fun thing for Kids to make

Here are more crafts for kids to make for Thanksgiving table and a fun game we like called turkey bowling.  I know some adults do play with real turkeys; but, not here.

Pinecone Turkeys 

When I lived in New England we had so many pine cones we had to come up ways of using them. Here is a new one.

Materials:  "Double Arches" Large Punch Around the Page set, Cardstock in assorted fall colors, Small pinecones, and White glue
1. To create one feather, punch paper with "Double Arches" corner punch. Cut punched shape from paper, tapering at bottom to make an ice cream cone shape. Repeat to make five feathers in assorted colors.

2. Turn pinecone onto its side (the bottom will be the back; the top will be the face). Dab a small amount of glue on bottom of punched feathers. Insert feathers between the scales on the back of the pinecone in a fan arrangement.

3. To form beak, cut a small triangle from paper and crease; glue to front of pinecone.

Tip: Use the "Double Arches" Large Punch around the Page set to create coordinating paper place mats.


Gone Fowl






Materials: pinecones, googly eyes, feathers, hot glue, orange felt, and scissors

Directions: Hot glue a few feather to the bottom of a pinecone. Then, add googly eyes to the front for a face and an orange triangle of felt for the beak.

Turkey Bouquet

Materials:  Artificial Flowers, Glue Googly eyes, Colored Card Stock, Paper Circles, Letter Stickers, and vase or container.

Directions: Using an artificial sunflower or gerbera daisy, trim the petals from one side of the flower as shown. Make the turkey's face by gluing two googly eyes and a colored card-stock beak and wattle onto a large brown button or paper circle. Then glue the face to the flower center. Spell out "Give Thanks" using letter stickers on the side of a vase or container and arrange the flowers inside.

Napkin Rings


For adorable napkin rings your kids can craft, make these mini pilgrims and Indians.

Materials: cardstock in white, brown, black, and yellow, black and red marker, glue

Directions: Use cardstock and markers to decorate little pilgrims and Indians on a small rectangle of cardstock about 4 inches tall. Then, wrap the cardstock around your napkin to make a tube and glue the ends. At the end, embellish with a pilgrim hat or feather.

Cork Place Cards






Materials: 3 corks, craft glue, yarn, 3mm black pom-poms, wooden beads, red and yellow felt, scissors, feathers, 2 bobby pins, craft paper, colored pencil, toothpick

Directions: Glue together three corks to form a triangle. Roll yarn into a 1-1/2" ball and glue to the top of one cork. Then, glue black pom-poms to the holes of wooden beads and glue beads to yarn ball for eyes. Cut a diamond shape from yellow felt (about 1/4"x1/2"), fold in half, and glue to head just under eyes. Once the beak is attached, cut three teardrops from red felt, about 1/2" long each, and glue under the head to the top edge of the cork. Glue feathers to the back of the two rear corks, and glue bobby pins underneath the front cork for feet. Write your guest's name on a fun craft-paper shape and glue to a toothpick; stick into one of the corks.

Turkey Bowling







Materials: plastic bowling set or plastic soda bottles, small football, craft feathers, tape, craft foam shape stickers, scissors, black pen

Directions: Tape 3-5 feathers to the back of the plastic bowling pins. For the turkey's face, attach small circle foam stickers for the eyes, a triangle for the beak, and cut a small heart in half for the beak waddle. Finish off with a little black marker dot on each eye.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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