Monday, November 19, 2012

Additional Snowman Projects to make

When searching snowman, I found an extreme amount of project to make into snowman here are just a few.  I will have more blogs full of snowman projects; that, I will send out at a later time.

Five Fingers Snowman Ornament

Painted Snowman Cork Ornament

Clay Pot Snowman

Materials:  Tiny clay pot, acrylic paint,  ribbon or thread for hanging, scraps of fleece or felt, tiny pom-poms tiny rubber band, glitter or Epson salt, and a needle and thread.

Directions: Start by painting your clay pot white.  Do two coats of paint.  Take a felt or fleece scrap approximately 3 x 6 inches in size (it needs to be large enough to wrap around your clay pot toward the top (actually the bottom) with room for stitching.  There will be lots of excess over the top of the clay pot.  


Fold your fabric in half and stitch along the short side as shown.  

Trim the excess close to the seam and turn inside out.  It should look like this.  Set aside. Now, back to working on your clay pot.  Paint the rim as desired (this is the scarf of the snowman).  Once dry, you'll want to prepare it for hanging.  You'll need approximately 7" of ribbon.  Fold in half as shown and feed the ribbon through the bottom hole.  Use a washer to keep it from going through. 

Place your clay pot face down with the ribbon through the top. (Don't worry that your washer is resting on the table.) 

Slide your felt or fleece tube over the ribbon onto your clay pot. Fold up the lower edge and rubber-band or tie tightly the upper-most portion of the tube. Pull up on your hanging ribbon. It should now be secure. Take a sharp pair of scissors and trim little notches in the gathered felt on top as shown. 

Use pom-poms for the nose (you could also use paint or tiny buttons or beads).  Paint the eyes and mouth (or use a fine point Sharpie see below).  

Decide one of your snowmen looks like he could use some ear muffs (larger pom-pom cut in half).

If you choose to glitter or cover your snowman with "snow" (Epsom salt), you'll want to do so before adhering the pom-poms (or you'll need to take them off and move the hats slightly off the clay pot before coating with glue).  Sprinkle with snow or glitter.  Replace hat & pom-poms. Enjoy!

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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