Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Project Updates!

I have not been on-line much because I am working on 3 big projects.  The first is making slippers for the Atria residents who I befriend while staying there last year during my stem cell transplant. I have 18 individuals to make and since I do not know size will be making 5 more just in case. Right now I am working on my 18th pair.  (men and women)

The second project is taking all of Scott’s t-shirts from when He was a kid and cut them down to make a t-shirt quilt which will be King size. 

The third is still using Scott’s t-shirts; but, these shirts are from when he was very little and in PPCD beside ones that I make him of tiger and pooh bear with the computer.  This blanket will be a baby quilt size for him to give to his child when it is born in very long away future.  He still has to finish his sophomore year of college, etc.

In addition to working on the above I have finished slippers for Kevin, Karl and Regan.

 Karl's 14 size feet!!

I also did some baby slippers and some toddler slippers; which, I gave Mia a yellow pair of slippers.

I did a blue baby blanket which thankfully I have already sold on my website. 


Of course I have also done some chemo hats. Here are just a few samples!


Unfortunately, I have had some epic failures during this time. I made an queen size blanket with the blue yarn and tried to modify it for a queen size bed and the starting rows are shorten then the ending rows and for some reason did not discover the difference until I was putting on the binding rows.

Another epic fail was the pattern in one of the book Kevin reviewed was not right. I was trying to make fingerless gloves with v-stitch pattern.  Unfortunately, the direction in the book were not correct and either was the one on-line by that author/crafter.   
However, I did find another on that is correct and will be making those later, because, I really need to make some leg warmers for a friend and this has be a challenge because the pattern I have has two issue one they are not big enough and the second is that you have to sew on buttons to close the warmers to be tight enough for air not to go through.  I have found another one to try but I am not sure if they will be big enough.

Furthermore I have been mending some clothes that needed to be fixed and finishing the 
tote that I make bigger and finally figure out how to make a square bottom.  In addition, 
I have to finish the walker caddy that I was sewing and have 4 sleeping pants to cut out and make. Pictures will be published later when finished.

So, that my update and why I have not been on-line.

There also will be a blog about my Clearance Christmas items in the near future.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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