Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Crochet topped Tea Towels

Yes, I am going back in time. When I was growing up crochet tope tea towels were very popular.  Now, individuals do not hang their tea towels from their refrigerator. I got a special order to make a setoff one with rooster on them. Unfortunately, they now come with plain towels with the printed designs and they also come with pot holders and mittens. These cost a lot more than I paid in the past.


I have seen on-line that they now sell for $12.00 a set. I have always charged $5.00 for the set. With a trip to the dollar store I found they sell them for less; so, I picked some up today. 


My next problem is obtaining the right buttons.  The one I like are big and clear in color.  They sell set of 4.5 oz of white buttons with different shapes for $5.77; but, I really do not like them on the towels. Unfortunately they do not keep a lot the clear ones in stock and have to go to different stores to get enough.

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