Sunday, October 14, 2012

Supplementary Fall Kids Crafts to make

Here are some more fall crafts for kids to make.

Wild Kingdom 
Materials:  Leaves, Twigs, Acorns, Pine needles, Bark, Rocks, Tacky glue, Googly eyes, and Marker


1.     Collect leaves, twigs, acorns, pine needles, bark, rocks, and other materials.
2.    Use small dabs of tacky glue to build a creature.
3.    Add little googly eyes, and use a marker to draw a nose and mouth if you'd like.

Swans a-Swimming

Materials: Pipe cleaners, toothpicks, Orange marker, Tacky glue, Googly eyes, Pinecones, and Feathers







For each, bend a piece of pipe cleaner (a 12-inch piece for the adult, 6-inch for a chick) into the shape shown.
To add a beak, color the end of a toothpick with orange marker, cut it off, and use tacky glue to attach it to the head coil. Glue on a set of googly eyes.
To finish, glue a pinecone to the pipe cleaner base, then glue feathers to the pinecone.

Birdseed Biscuit

 Materials:  3/4 cup of birdseed, 1 tablespoon flour, Water, Cookie cutter, Oil, Foil, Cookie sheet, Straw and Ribbon


Our recipe makes two 3-inch biscuits (one is shown here) or a single 4-inch biscuit. Mix together the birdseed, flour, and 2 tablespoons of water.


Spray or wipe a cookie cutter with oil and place it on a foil-covered cookie sheet. Pack the mixture into the cutter, inserting half a straw near the top to create a hole for hanging.

Bake the biscuit (with the straw) in a 170º oven until the biscuit is hard, about one hour. Let it cool.
Remove the straw, thread a ribbon through the hole, and hang it outside in a sheltered spot.

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