Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ghosts crafts for kids to make

Ghosts are always a fun decoration to put out on Halloween!

Floating Ghosts

Materials:  lid from a small jar, half of a Styrofoam ball, 5 packing peanuts, 5 squares of bathroom tissues, 5 white or black pipe cleaners, black marker, glue, masking tape, paintbrush and black poster paint

Cover lid with masking tape so that you can paint it.  Glue the half of the Styrofoam ball in the lid.  Paint the ball and edge of the lid black.
To make each ghost, rub the glue on the sides and end of the packing peanuts and loosely cover it with a square of tissue paper.  Make 5 ghosts give each a spooky face with black marker.
Stick one end of piper cleaner into glue and then into bottom of one of your ghosts.  Stick the other end into the Styrofoam base.  Arrange like they are floating.

Hairpin Ghosts Necklace 

Materials:  plastic lid, hairpin, Black construction paper, Black thread, scissor and glue

Spread hairpin apart slightly so that it forms the outline of a ghost.  Tie a long black thread around the top of the hairpin.  The tie the two ends of the thread together to make a necklace.
Set the hairpin on a plastic lid and use a squeeze bottle of glue to fill  the area inside the hairpin.  Cut tiny round eyes and a mouth from the black paper and stick them in the glue near the top of the hairpin for ghost face.
Place the lid on a completely flat surface to keep the glue from running out of the hairpin, and allow the ghost to dry completely.  When dry, peel the ghost off the lid.  Trim off any excess glue that has run over the sides or too far from the bottom of the ghost.
You can also hang it on the window.

Little Ghost Table Decoration

Materials:  Clear plastic cup, two Styrofoam packaging peanuts, green pipe cleaner, black construction paper, one square toilet paper, black marker, orange marker, scissor and glue

Trace around the rim of the cup on the black paper and cut out the circle.
Make the ghost by dipping one end of a Styrofoam package peanut in glue. Then cover it with tissue and give ghost with black marker.
Make a pumpkin with the cut of end of another packaging peanut and color with orange marker.  Poke a green pipe cleaner in the top to act as a stem.
Glue ghost and pumpkin on the circle.  Let dry completely.  Dip the rim of the cup in the glue and set it over the circle so the ghost and pumpkin are inside the cup.
Store careful

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