Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Projects

Got this crafts from a craft book by Kathy Ross as known as Katherine Reynolds.  She has several different kids books.

Sock Pumpkin

Materials:  Old white sock, stuffing, rubber band, white glue, scissors, orange and green poster paint, paintbrush, and black construction paper

Cut the toe half off the foot of the sock. Use the rest of the sock and use more sock pieces if you need to use them, to stuff the toe to form a round pumpkin.  Secure the top with the rubber band, leaving the top of the sock sticking out of the stem.
Paint the pumpkin orange and the stem green.  Twist the stem while wet.  Glue on the jack o' lantern face cut from black construction paper.

Stuffed Sock Bat
Materials:  old black sock, stuffing (newspaper or cotton balls), scissors, craft glue, black and white construction paper or felt, pipe cleaners, and red and black yarn

Stuff the foot of the black sock and tie with black yarn.  Tie the two ends of the yarn together so that you can hang the bat upside down.  Trim off the excess sock.
Cut eyes, ears, and teeth from the felt or paper, glue them to the toe end. Give the bat a smile with the red yarn.  For the wings, Cut a front and back piece from the black construction paper or felt.  Glue each front and back together with two or three pipe cleaners in between, so   that the wings can be bent in different shapes.  Glue the wings to the back of your bat so they stick out.  Now, hang your bat upside down.

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