Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Leave Projects to sew

Since it got cold here and the wind was blowing really hard; I started to look at the blowing leaves on the ground.  Besides, I love looking at the different leaves during the fall.

Falling Leaves Pillow

Felt Leaves Table Runner

Fall Foliage Place mats

Leaf-Print Napkins

Materials: 1 yard solid cotton or linen, scissors, sewing machine and thread, a selection of leaves, newspaper, sponge brush, fabric paint, brayer, iron, rotary cutter and mat


Start by making your napkins -- cut the fabric into four 17 x 17-inch pieces. Make the edges by first folding the side 1/4 inch and pressing, and then folding over another 1/2 inch and pressing. Repeat on all sides of each napkin and sew down all edges. Once your napkins are done, lay some newspaper down on your table to minimize the mess and begin to daub fabric paint onto one of your leaves. Before the paint dries, flip the leaf over onto the fabric and roll a brayer over the leaf to print it. Continue with your leaves, alternating shapes and colors until you're happy with the design, and iron on the wrong side of the fabric to set the paint.


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