Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Sandi's husband Kevin here.....

I know it has been a very long time since there was a post here...what we had thought were allergy issues earlier this year turned out to be caused by a sinus tumor. Scans and test revealed the cancers had again mutated and spread. By late May Sandi was back in the hospital having chemo that was hoped to stave off the cancers once again.

But, somebody at Medical City Dallas gave her the wrong chemo and there were massive complications. One thing led to another and she spent most of the summer in the hospital as various issues were dealt with and new tumors popped up. Things spiraled out of control over a period of weeks and months.

I am simplifying greatly because detailing it all out is just too painful. I had been keeping folks updated every step of the way on my blog and on Facebook, but neglected Sandi's blog. I am sorry. I always thought she would get better and get back to working on this blog here. When it became clear she was not, then it was too much to deal with it here too. I am sorry.

Sandi came home for the final time the Thursday before Thanksgiving. She was on hospice and wanted to pass here at home. She did so at 8:45 am on Friday, December 1st.

Friday would have been her 58th birthday. I miss her so much.

For now the blog stays up as a tribute to her and what she so loved to do.

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