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How to Crochet Circles

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Circles I use to make crowns of my hats and I use them a lot for heads, eyes, and bodies for stuff animals.
I like visual directions but you will find both here from 

This is how I learned how to make a circle; because, I was never taught how to do a magic circle when I first learned how to crochet.

How to start a circle from Crochet for Dummies

Working stitches in the hole.

The most common method for creating a center ring is to make a chain and close it into a ring with a slip stitch. You would use this method when your first round is made up of a fairly large number of stitches and you need the room in which to fit them, or if the design calls for an obvious hole in the center. The following steps show you how to create a simple center ring of 6 chain stitches:

1. Chain (ch) 6.

2. Insert your hook into the first chain stitch you made, forming a ring (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Making the center-ring chain.

3. Yarn over your hook (yo).

4. Draw the yarn through the stitch and through the loop on your hook, as 

Figure 2a shows.

Your center ring is now complete (see Figure 2b).

Figure 2: Completing the center ring.

The number of stitches in the beginning chain determines the size of the hole that the center ring creates as well as how many stitches you can work into the center ring. Make sure the ring is large enough to accommodate the number of stitches that you’ll be working in it. On the other hand, make sure it’s not so long that you have a big loose hole in the center. When you’re working a pattern, it tells you how many chain stitches you need for the proper size center ring.

After you make the center ring, you’re ready for the first round. Just as when you’re beginning a new row, you first have to determine the number of turning chain stitches that you need in order to bring your hook up to the proper level for the next round of stitches. (The number of turning chain stitches you need depends on the stitch you’re about to work.) Now here’s the really easy part about working with a center ring: Instead of inserting your hook into the actual stitches of the center ring, you just go through the center hole. The following steps show how to work single crochet stitches into the center ring:

1. Chain (ch) 1 to make the turning chain for single crochet (sc).

2. Insert your hook into the center ring (see Figure 3a).

Figure 3: Working a single crochet in the center ring.

3. Yarn over your hook (yo).

4. Draw the yarn through the center ring (refer to Figure 3b).


Second Written Direction method:

Join both ends as of a short chain to start a circle. Start with a slip knot and chain six or seven stitches. Put the hook back into the first stitch of the chain and make it a slip knot.

Works two single crochet stitches (increase) in every chain stitch until you come back to the starting chain. Attach a yarn marker right there to remind you to began a new round.

On this round increase in every other stitch.

Increase every other stitch on every other round and you'll end up with a 
big circle.

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