Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Crochet heart basket

Hi! Crafters!

I know this is a last minute project; but, the basket can be made for other times of the year like Mother’s Day.

Crochet heart basket

Abbreviations:  Chain stitch – ch, slip stitch – sl, double crochet – dc, treble crochet – tr, single crochet – sc

Materials:  T-shirt Yarn in pink and/or red (if you can’t get hold of that, try with very thick yarn, thin rope or chunky twine), 12mm hook. Stitch marker (optional), Scissors


Start by making the base heart shape.
Heart crochet basket base first round

1. Work all your dc stitches into here – last stitch of chain.
2. The stitch will get really big, you can tighten it later.
3. To finish first round, slip stitch into here.
4. First round done.

Heart shaped crochet basket base second round
5. Treble stitches all go here.

Hint: Treble Crochet is similar to double crochet but yarn over twice in the first step.

6. You have the first bump on your heart.
7. Work your dc to create half your heart.
8. Chain one here.

Crochet heart instructions
Making the tip of the heart.
I found this bit a bit tricky, I hope it’s clear with the photos.

A. Before chain one.
B. Chain one then insert hook here.
C. Slip stitch and pull yarn through
D. You have the little point on your heart

Heart crochet base basket

9. Continue making the other half of the heart shape
10. To close heart shape slip stitch into here.
11. Your base is complete.
12. Chain one then sc (single crochet into every stitch) to start building up sides of basket.

Top tip: Make different shaped baskets by using different shaped bases. Square, round, oval or hexi all work great, just sc with no increases and the wall of your baskets will start to build up.

To make the sides of this basket you will need 3 rounds of sc. Any more and you start to lose the heart shape.

Crochet sides of basket with zpagetti yarn

13 & 14. This is the first round of sc, see how the sides are starting to curve up.
15. After 3 rounds of sc.
16. Slip stitch and weave in end.

Red heart basket with thread - storage solution for bits and pieces

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at sandi_tipple@yahoo.com.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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