Friday, December 19, 2014

Further Christmas Projects for kids to make

This may be better for Teen than small children!!

Pipe Cleaner Jingle Bell Bracelets

Materials:  pipe cleaners, ribbon, plastic cording, little jingle bells,     utility scissors
Start with two pieces of pipe cleaners, and slide a bell down about half an inch of one.
Fold the tip down and twist it to secure the bell to the top.
Now take the second pipe cleaner and wrap it around the first pipe cleaner.  Try to cover the ends when wrapping to get any pointy ends.  Feel around it and make sure you don’t feel any sharp ends.
Twist the two about an inch and then slide another bell down one pipe cleaner.
Then twist a little more and add another bell.  Add three bells or add four.  Just twist and add one more.
For 4 and 3 year old cut an inch off both ends to shorten them, but you may not need to cut any off for older kids. If you have a model, use them for measurements. Then twist to the ends and bend one end over like shown.
Twist the end of it around to make a loop at the end.  You should be able to put the ends into the hole in the top of the bells to hide any pointy tips. Make sure to feel around the bracelet to make sure there are no sharp ends sticking up.
Now just slide the loop over the end bell and you have a bracelet.  Jingle bell bracelet that is.
We made some green and white and red and green ones too.

Snuggly Snowman Ornament

Materials:  FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors - Pumpkin, 2 oz.. FolkArt ® Extreme Glitter™ - Black, 5 oz., FolkArt ® Extreme Glitter™ - Hologram, 5 oz., FolkArt ® Texture Paint - White, 4 oz., FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors - Licorice, 2 oz., Small clay pot, Small styrofoam ball, Red ric rac trim (6 inches), Red felt, Two small wood candle cups (for feet in red), Embroidery floss, Long needle, Hot glue
Paint the clay pot and Styrofoam ball with Texture Paint. Allow to dry.
Paint the clay pot and Styrofoam ball with Hologram Extreme Glitter. Allow to dry.
Paint candle cups with Licorice.
Paint stripes around the rim of the clay pot with Licorice.
Paint the eyes, mouth, and buttons on the snowman with Licorice.
Paint the nose on the snowman with Pumpkin.
Use the Black Extreme Glitter to paint over everything painted Licorice. Allow to dry.
Glue the Styrofoam ball to the bottom of the clay pot.
Glue each end of the ric rac into each candle cup.
 Use felt and cut a small piece to make a scarf. Tie around snowman’s neck.
Use remaining felt to make a hat. Cut a rectangle long enough to go around the top portion of Styrofoam ball and overlap slightly. Make the rim of the hat by turning edge on long end and glue in place. Wrap around and secure with glue. Gather and tie the top part, then cut to make a tassel.
Thread the needle with red embroidery floss and go through the center of the hat, through the Styrofoam ball, and into the hole in the bottom of the clay pot, through the center of the ric rac (Do not pull the embroidery floss completely through). Reverse the order and go up through the middle of the hat and make a loop, then knot for hanging. Use hot glue to better secure the red ric rac into the center of the clay pot.

Decorative Yarn Hearts

Materials:  Rustic floral wire, wire cutters, yarn, scissors

Clip off a length of floral wire and bend into a heart shape; twisting the ends together to secure.
Tie yarn onto heart as shown

Pull yarn across heart, wrap around wire and pull yarn across to the other side.

Wrap yarn securely so there is no slack.
Tie a knot and cut yarn with enough length for hanging.

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