Saturday, December 20, 2014

My version of Christmas Crocheted Wreath

I gave the small one to both my current doctors and their staff members. I thought they turn our really well; so, decided since I had other Christmas colors to do one for the door. However, the management decided to wash and paint the building; so, I will not be able to put it out.
I will be putting some of them on my ioffer site for sale at

Small wreath

Materials:  Yarn, small hoop, K hook and H hook

I first took and tie the yarn to the left side of the hoop; then I with the K hook inserted it into the hoop and grabbed the yarn to the top and grabbed the yarn and put the yarn through the loop. See below:

Periodically, I pushed the yarn closer together to fill in the spot and making sure the hoop was covered all around. See picture:

After the whole hoop was covered I chain 3and in each loop around I did double crochet. When I got to the last double crochet I did a slip stitch in the top of the third chain and chain 3. In the double crochet I crocheted 2 double crochet around.
Again when I finished the last crochet I attached a slip stitch in the top of the third crochet and proceed to single crochet stitch around the hoop; ending with slip stitch to attach it. 

End off and finish off.

Finish by cutting an 18 inch piece of yarn and attaching the yarn through the top of the yarn area on the top and tying a bow.  With another piece of yarn I thread through to the wreath to hang it. See above picture!!

Large Wreath

On this one I used a 12 inch hoop and separated it which will give you two wreaths. Later, I got 6 inch hoops and will be making the middle wreaths.

Follow the directions for the small wreaths but instead of single crochet I did half double crochet around; then ending with slip stitch to attach it together. End off and finish off.

To finish the wreath chains 220 of yarn and weave around the wreath leaving some to make the bow. After tying the bow, crochet 30 chains to the hang the wreath.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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