Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cat toys and cat blankets for the Plano Animal Shelter

Since we went to the Plano Animal Shelter and got Kayla her shots and registration for this year registration. We looked around and discovered the animal toys that where being giving to the kitten were toilet paper which was fringe on the ends and two pieces of fabric tied to the side of the dirty toilet paper roll. They also gave someone old sock with stuff with something hard at the end and tied. I was not impressed.  So thinking about the large growing bag of scrap yarn balls from the slippers and chemo hats I decide to make some cat toys. 

Cat toys

I made 14 cat toys and turn them in.  My youngest son decides during that time to adopt the handicapped tiger cat. Crystal has a deformed left ear. Let me try to explain her ear is folded in the middle.

We saw that that some tie blankets were in some of the cages and in Crystal cage was a fabric blanket that had foam in the inside and whipped stitched around. At the point I decide to use my JoAnn’s gift card I got for mother’s day and get some fleece remnant fabric. Since they did not give use the one in Crystal cage I also got some fabric to make her one. See below at the different style I did.  

There are three of the first one.




And there are two of these

Furthermore, I now have finished another twelve cat toys and two more tie blankets.

 There are two of these blankets .

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  1. This is so nice of you, Sandi, and a great way to use up some of your leftover materials.

  2. You are a gem, Sandi, and I know the kitties will be thrilled. Kudos to you for adopting from a shelter, too! Hope to see photos of the cats!