Friday, July 26, 2013

It’s A Fishy World for kids to make

Recently, I was hospitalized and had to have a CT scan and a lung cleaning on the ceiling tiles in both room where painted ceiling tiles. The patients who need physical therapy painted the ceiling tiles to give it a more homey feeling; so, when I saw these projects I decide to do this blog.

Egg Carton Fish

Materials:  Egg Carton,  Acrylic Paint,  Craft Glue, Craft Foam, Chenille Stems, Wiggle Eyes,  Monofilament or String (optional), Scissors, Utility Knife, and Paint Brush

Use the scissors or utility knife to cut two cup sections from the egg carton. Trim to create an even edges around the cups. Adults should help kids with this step.
To create the fish body, paint the bottom sides of both egg carton cups. I used a bright orange paint, but you can use whatever color you like. Let the paint dry.
Put a bead of glue around the edges of the egg carton cups. Place the two glued edges together as shown in the photo. Smooth out the extra glue with your finger and let the glue dry.
Cut fins for your fish out of craft foam. You can cut out simple triangle and trim them to fit, or cut out fancy, flowing fins.

Use craft glue to attach the fins to the fish body. If you want the glue on the fins to dry faster, consider using a hot glue gun.
Cut two pieces of chenille stem, about 1-inch long. Fold both pieces of chenille stem in half.
Glue the lips onto your fish as shown in the picture above.
Finally, glue a couple of wiggle eyes onto your fish.

Footprint Fishy

Materials:  Red paint, one foot, paper and stamp for eyes.

Paint your feet red or any colour of your choice and stamp onto a drawing block.
Paint your pointer white and stamp as the eyes. Paint some fins and the fish is done.
You can also use the child had to make Handprint Fish.  See picture below:

Seashell fish


Adult supervision will be need depending on child’s age.

Materials: different size shells, googly eye, hot glue

Lay the shells out first, deciding how you want your fish to look.
Then simply glue them together and add your googly eyes.

Seashell Snails

Materials:  seashells, pom poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, smooth stone, glue – I used our hot glue gun

Glue the bottom of your seashell to your smooth bottomed stone. This will give it something to stabilize it.
Glue a small pom pom on the stone coming in close contact with the shell
Cut a piece of pipe cleaner to the desired length, bend it in a ‘U’ shape, put some glue on it and slip it between the shell and pom pom. Allow to dry.

Glue some googly eyes to each antennae.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at stipple@verizon.netI look forward to hearing from you!

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