Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dog Projects to sew during the summer

Believe it or not summer is the time families adopt a lot of animals.  Beside this is the time animal shelter having summer specials on animals; so, with all that in mind here are a few projects to make.  You always could make them and donate them to your local shelter.

Adjustable Dog Collar Pattern

Materials:  1 Parachute buckle, 1 D ring, 1 Triglide slider, 1 plastic ring (I don't know if this is the right name but it's used to keep the collar from sliding), fabric, Fusible interfacing, Matching thread,
Note:  Make sure that the buckle, D-ring, plastic ring and slider all have the same width.

Cut Your Dog Collar Pattern
The width of the buckle will give you the collar's width.
Choose one of the following measurements for the length:
        Small dog: 20"
        Medium dog: 25"
        Large dog: 30"
Cut a strip of fusible interfacing using your width and length measurements.

Cut a strip of fabric the same length but 4 times as wide.
Fold the strip of fabric lengthwise in half with the wrong side inside. Press.
Unfold. Apply the fusible interfacing on the wrong side of fabric along the center fold.
Iron each of the fabric's edges towards the middle and press again. The wrong side of fabric should be inside.
Fold in half, leaving the folded edges inside. Press.
We are going to finish the small edges first. Unfold the ends of your strip and fold them so that you are seeing the inside of the collar. Sew them together. I made the inside lighter in the picture so you can see the difference.
Clip the corners and turn.
Sew all around the fabric's edge. Start with the open long edge.
Insert the tip of the collar around the slider and sew. Use the machine's zipper foot to make it easier. The wrong side of your collar should be outside (the wrong side of my collar is the orange one and the right side is the yellow one).

Insert the plastic ring.
Insert the other end of the collar in the buckle piece that has the three teeth.
It should go through the slit that's closer to the teeth first and come out on the other one.

Put the collar through the plastic ring again and then insert it in the slider.
Then comes the D ring and the other buckle piece.
Go around the buckle piece and bring a piece of the collar under the D-ring. Sew to hold it in place. 

Dog Toys from Fabric Scraps

Materials:  Scraps. Sewing machine, thread

Cut rectangles of fabric. They should all have the same width but they can have different lengths.
Sew them together to form a large strip.
Make a small hem on the two short edges.
Fold the strip lengthwise in half so that the right side of fabric is inside.
Sew the open long edge and turn inside out.
Make a knot on one end.

Fill up with scraps, make it nice and tight!
Twist the fabric, and make a second knot, put more scraps in.
Continue until the tube is done.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at stipple@verizon.netI look forward to hearing from you!

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