Saturday, March 7, 2015

St. Patrick projects for kids

A lot of individuals skip over this holiday, now. Most think if you are not Irish who cares. I think it is more of out of respect to do so since, Irish immigrants came here for a new beginning. 
Beside I am Scottish but my maiden name is spelled the Irish way and I married an Irish man.  Love you hon!

Cupcake Liner 4 Leaf Clover

Materials: cupcake liner, scissors, and green food coloring

Start by opening up the cupcake liner and flatten it out.
Fold it in half and then fold it in half again and one more time!
Cut a heart shape with scissors but DON’T cut all the way to the bottom! You will just get 4 hearts.
Open up the cupcake liner and you should have a beautiful 4 leaf clover!

If you are using white cupcake liners, wet them down with water and drip green food coloring on top (if you look below only the bottom 4 leaf clover was completely wet with water and turned out better)
After they dry you could add a stem.

Option:   hang them up for a St. Patrick’s

Clover Leaf Lei

Materials: string/yarn, paper clovers, scissors, cut up straws, hole punch


Print out the shamrocks and then cut them.
Cut out some clover leaves in varying colors and patterns from cardstock/construction paper.
Punch a hole in the center of each clover leaf. Depending on the width of your straws you might need to use a smaller than normal hole punch or poke your own holes so the straws don’t slip through.
Next cut a length of string or yarn and alternate stringing the paper clovers + straw pieces.
When it’s long enough, tie the ends of your string together and that’s it! So easy and definitely a crowd pleaser with the kids! Enjoy making your own Clover Leaf Leis!

Adult Supervision need for hot glue!

Pipe Cleaner Shamrock Bouquet

Materials: green pipe cleaners, hot glue, green buttons

Make your shamrocks as in the picture and then hot glue the buttons on.

Option: add water with a little green food coloring.

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