Monday, January 26, 2015

More Winter Projects for kids to make

When I was teaching one of the advisors would give out pom pom characters and the kids would go crazy over them.

Teensy Weensy Snowman Pal

Materials: 1 jumbo white pom pom,  1 medium orange pom pom,  2 miniature black pom poms, Black and green felt, Thin cardboard (snack box, back of a note pad, etc), White craft glue

Cut "feet" from black felt. Hint: Cut a heart shape, and then trim off the bottom of the heart, leaving the humps.
Glue the “feet” to cardboard then trims the visible cardboard.
Glue the jumbo white pom pom to the feet. Glue the orange pom pom to the white pom pom for the nose and the black pom poms for the eyes.
Cut a scarf from green felt and fringe the end. Glue in between the white pom pom and the feet.

Polar Bear Bath Puppet

Adult Help is needed for the sewing depending on the age of the child

Materials:  2 pieces of toweling about 15 x 25 cm (6 x 10 inches), Scrap of colorfast black fabric for the nose, Glue or thread to attach nose, Fabric paint or thread to make eyes and mouth, sewing supplies

Cut out 2 pieces for the body, using your hand as a guide for the size. 15 x 25 cm (6 x 10 inches) should be fine.
Round off the tops of the pieces and cut 2 little semi circles for the ears.
Using your black fabric, cut a triangle for the nose, and round off the sides a bit. If you want to stitch the face on, do it now. If you're gluing, you’ll save the face for last.
Put the body pieces together and sandwich the ears in the middle, with the bottoms (flat edges) pointing out. Note: If you’ve sewn the face onto the puppet, you need to make sure the face is covered by a towel piece so that it will be right side out when you reach step 6.
Sew the edges of the puppet. A wide zig-zag stitch works well if you’re sewing by hand. You can use a sewing machine if you have one.
Another suggestion is to use iron tape instead of sewing.
Turn the puppet inside out. If you want, you can sew the bottom of the puppet for a finished edge.
If you chose to draw the polar bear’s face, glue on the nose with some fabric glue and draw on the eyes and mouth with fabric paint.

Snowman in a Baggie

Materials: a baggie, peel and stick fun foam scraps in black, regular fun foam scraps in orange, silver glitter, shaving cream.

Cut 2 large (about quarter sized) circles and 5 smaller circles from the black peel and stick foam. These do not need to be uniform or perfect circles. No tracing needed. They are "lumps of coal" for the snowman's face so any lumpy shape works.
Stick the circles to the outside of the baggie in the shape of a snowman's face.
 Leave room for the nose.
Add a generous sprinkle of glitter into the baggie. This is optional.
Put the orange triangle nose (cut from regular fun foam- not peel and stick) inside the baggie.
Add a generous squirt of shaving cream and seal the baggie zipper. Fold over and tape closed for added security.
Then you just squish that baggie around and try to line up the nose in the right place on the snowman's face! 

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