Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Again some for ways to use Duct Tape

New Year time to reorganize and upcycle!!

Paper Roll Pencil Organizers

Materials:  Paper roll, Scissors, X-Acto Knife and self-healing mat,    Pattern/scrapbook paper, Mod podge

Cut the toilet paper roll into different random sizes using the x-acto knife.
Make sure none is taller than the pencils or the pens. The tallest one in my design is for keeping the paint brushes.
Choose and arrange different scrapbook papers to see how they look together; Using the green and blue to match the picture.
 Next cut the paper to the tube’s size.
The simplest way to do this is by rolling the paper over the tissue roll. And mark the length and width of the roll. Once you have marked all the papers, it is easy to cut them to the right sizes. Make sure you leave some extra width, more is better than less.
Now paint the inside of the tissue roll with acrylic paints.
Paint it black, you can paint it white or any other color you like.
Let it dry, than decoupage scrapbook paper onto the tubes using Mod Podge Matte.
Next cover the paper with Mod Podge to seal it. Let it dry, and then join the tubes together using mod podge.
Hold the tubes together for a while for a stronger bond.
Finally to make the base of the organizer, cut and paint a piece of cardboard.
Glue the base to the tissue rolls and let it dry.
Use mod podge to glue the base also.
Cut the base around the tissue rolls with the x-acto knife.
You will need some paint touches on the edges.

Tidy Up Treasure Box

Materials:  an old kid-sized shoe box, 6 toilet paper tubes, paint, glue

Start by painting the boxes to your liking.
Let the paint dried.  While the paint us drying take the paper tubes and cut them in half so they would fit into the box.  Before glue was added to the tubes, figure how many would fit into each box and arranged them the way we want them.  Then dip one end of the tube into glue and attached it to the bottom of the box, then repeated for the rest of the paper tubes.
Once the glue dried, the boxes were ready to fill.  The little compartments make the box extra fun to sort and organize their jewelry and other small treasures.

Frugal and Fancy Fabric Storage Solutions

Materials: TP rolls, cardboard box, fabric and hot glue gun

Glue the fabric around your cardboard box.
Glue the fabric around you TP roll.
Glue the TP rolls to the box and you are done.

Options below:

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