Saturday, January 10, 2015

Duct Tape Craft Projects for students going back school/college

I have seen made different duct tape themes. An individual made her prom dress with duct tape. Duct tape seems to be very popular item to use.

Duct Tape Lanyard

A lot of school are making their students carrier or put on badges; so, the student could get school colors.  Some colleges now sell college duct tape.

Materials: Duct tape, scissors, Lanyard findings

First cut off a piece of Duct Tape about 3 feet long.  Laid the tape out on the counter; so, it stays nice and flat.  Fold one side of the duct tape towards the middle all the way down.  Work in small sections and go slow so you don't wrinkle up the tape. Start in the middle, and work your way to the right, then go back and fold the left side.
Now fold the other side towards the middle overlapping the first piece just a hair.   Get out your Lanyard findings.

Make a loop and put the two ends thru your circle piece.  Make sure they are the sides with the crease down the middle of the tape.
Fold the pieces over the circle and tape them to the straps.  Make sure the piece of tape was long enough to wrap around to the other side a little bit (2in x 1in strip of tape) Flip it over and put another 2in x 1in strip of tape across.
Now add the little hook piece to the circle.

Duct Tape Coasters

Materials:  Ceramic Tiles, self-Adhesive Felt, duct tape

Added Duct Tape to the glossy side, making sure it is flat you can use a Popsicle to flatten it out.   Then on the back add Self Adhesive Felt thingy's to the bottom.
Make as many coasters you want!  You can make holiday ones, too. They make great teacher, dad, and mom gifts.

Personalized Duct Tape Notebooks

Materials:  Duct Tape, Paper, Notebook, Scissors, Ruler, Mat,     Rotary Cutter or Utility Knife

Start out by laying a plain piece of paper on your work surface.
Make sure the piece of paper is at least as large as your notebook cover.
If you want to striped notebook, start in one of the corners and placed a piece of tape duct tape at a diagonal.  You want the piece of tape to be long enough so that it overlaps the paper by about an inch on both sides. The duct tape will stick to the table and that is just fine.
Add a second piece of tape so it overlaps the first piece. Continue adding strips of tape until the entire piece of paper is covered. Carefully pull up the edges of the tape and lift the paper off the table.
Place the sheet of duct-tape covered paper, upside-down, onto your mat. Lay a ruler down one of the long side, about a half inch from the edge of the paper (onto the tape). Cut a straight line down this edge using a rotary cutter or a utility knife.
Carefully open then cover of the notebook. The duct tape sheet will be stuck near the binding but nowhere else yet.  Lay the open cover on your mat. Use a ruler and rotary cutter or utility knife and cut away the paper and tape in both corners.

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