Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Things with an Apple theme

Usually, we give apples to teachers; but, I always like to get or eat apples in October.  Unfortunately, apples have been targets at Halloween time in year back when I was a kid and you could give or get them; because of this situation.

Adorable Apple Bookend
Materials:  Tennis ball, Red sock, Rocks, Tape, Scissors, Green pipe cleaner,   Green felt, Googley eyes, and Glue

Cut a slit into the tennis ball and—squeezing the ball open—fill it with as many stones as you can cram in.
Put the ball into the toe of the sock, arranging the toe’s stitching so that it looks like a smile (if your sock’s stitching doesn’t cooperate, you can always stick or draw on a smile later!) Twist the sock around itself at the top of the ball, and wrap tape tightly around the twist, holding the sock shut. Cut the extra sock away at the edge of the tape.
Glue two googley eyes onto the apple, above the “smile”– You can use two sizes of googley eyes for a goofier effect. Cut a leaf from a small piece of felt, and make a small hole in one end of the leaf. Thread a green pipe cleaner through this hole.
Wrap the pipe cleaner around the tape, making a stem for your apple.
Apple Garland

Materials:  8 cutouts of an apple, contact paper, construction paper, hole-punch and yarn

Cut out the apple and the center.
Cut a piece of contact paper big enough for all 8 apples and peel off the backing.  Lay it down, sticky side up, and place the apple cutouts on top.
Start tearing pieces of red construction paper.
Once you have a big enough pile to start out, begin placing the pieces of construction paper inside the apple cutouts.
Cut another piece of contact paper the same size, remove the backing, and carefully place it on top of the apples.
Cut the apples out.  Punch a hole in each of the apples.  Thread the yarn through the holes.

Apple Necklace Craft

Materials:  Red Pom-pom (1- to 2-inches), Pony Bead, Craft Foam, Felt, or Construction Paper, Ribbon or Yarn, Craft Glue, and Scissors

Put a dab of glue on the side of the bead, do not cover or block the holes. Stick the bed onto the pom-pom. The bead will be the apple's stem. Cut out two small leaf shapes from the green felt, craft foam, or construction paper. Glue them on either side of the bead near the holes, but don't cover the holes.
Once all the glue has dried, you can string the bead onto a piece of ribbon or yarn and you have your very own apple necklace. If you like, you can cut facial features out of felt, craft foam, or construction paper and glue them onto the pom-pom to make a smiling apple. You can also cut a small piece of yarn or chenille stem and glue it to the side of the apple so it looks like a worm.

Cardboard Mini Apples

Materials:  cardboard tube, green or red or yellow paint, green chenille stem,     brown chenille stem, scissors, and hole punch

Cut the cardboard tube into three circles, approximately 1/2 inch thick.
Punch a hole in each of the three circles
Paint the three tubes either:  green, red, or yellow.
Take about 2 inches of the brown chenille stem and roll up one end of the stem.

Once the cardboard circles are dry, insert each one into another and line up the holes you punched in Step 2. Poke the brown chenille stem through the hole.
Wrap about 2-3 inches of the green chenille stem around the brown stem and fold the ends inward to form “leaves”.

Recycled Apples Craft

Materials:  clear glue, paint brush, clear plastic lids, hole punch, white, red or green tissue paper, stem with leaves (or use a brown pipe cleaner and green tissue paper cut into a leaf shape), apple seeds (or brown paper cut into seed shapes)

Glue seed to inside of lid. Looks like a petri dish. Have kids arrange seeds using a toothpick.  Let dry overnight.
Determine top of apple and punch hole as far away from outside edge as possible.
Rip tissue paper into small pieces.
Glue white tissue paper on inside of lid. Overlap paper for good coverage.
Easiest method. Squirt glue all over lid. Spread it with a paint brush. Lay pieces of tissue on top. Brush with a bit more glue on top. This way fingers should stay clean.
Rip green or red tissue into thin strips. Add glue around inside edge. Place tissue down and using the paint brush - gently push and coax paper into place. Children will need an adult to demonstrate how to do this. It doesn't need to be perfect. It actually looks better the less precise it is. Let dry.

Glue stems into holes. A glue gun is probably the fastest. Older kids can glue the stem into place when gluing the tissue on by laying pieces of tissue over stem like bandages to secure.
Tie a thread or ribbon through the hole and the hang.
Cute little fabric Apple

Materials:  10-12 inch square piece of red fabric, handful of fiber fill or poly fill – for the stuffing, 1 green or brown pipe cleaner (aka chenille stem) and scissors

Lay your fabric with the inside facing up. Place your stuffing in the center of your fabric and wrap your fabric around it, closing your fingers around to close it.
Wrap your pipe cleaner around the fabric and twist it twice to close off the fabric gathered at the top.
You can leave your fabric on the top long or take some scissors and cut it off to 1/2 inch at the top above the pipe cleaner.
Bend your pipe cleaner around into 2 ovals, making leaf shapes.

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