Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Autumn Sewing projects

I always love to decorate for autumn and the upcoming months; so, here are some ideas.  There is at the end a no sew project to get ready for Halloween.

Autumn Quilted Appliqué Table Runner

Materials:  green plaid homespun fabric, orange fabric for the pumpkin, small brown fabric for pumpkin stem, quilt batting, and basic sewing supplies

First, let's make your table runner pattern.  Take an 8 1/2" X 11 1/2" piece of computer paper and fold the top corners to meet in the center just like the photo shows.
Write on your paper in the center "Cut 2 on FOLD". Make the bottom "place on fold" as shown in the photo. in and cut 2 of the table runner on the fold line as shown in the photo.

Pin and cut 1 of the table runner pattern out of quilt batting.
Make yourself a pumpkin pattern measuring about 5" x 3".  Pin and cut 2 out of orange fabric.
Place the pumpkins on opposite ends of ONE of the table runners.  Place the pumpkins pretty side up on top of the runner pretty side up.  Pin in place.  Cut a "pumpkin stem" out of scraps of brown fabric and put it under the pumpkin with a little bit showing.
Here machine appliqué method was used or Zigzag stitch around the pumpkin and stem stitching close to edge of the pumpkin.
Place your quilt batting piece on a flat surface.  Next place one piece of table runner pretty side up.  Next place a 2nd table runner piece pretty side down as shown in the photo.  Pin all the way around the runner.  Leave an opening for turning.  Straight stitch around the runner using the pressure foot as your guide.  Don't forget to leave an opening.
Trim seams and clip corners.  Turn your table runner pretty side out.  Poke out corners. Then Press. Hand stitch the opening closed.
How to make  a small Autumn Quilted Appliqué Table Runner To "quilt" your runner, straight stitch 2 lines down each pumpkin going through all 4 layers of fabric.  Stitch them so they appear to make the pumpkin look 3D.

Felt Pumpkins Pillow

Materials:  Beside the below items, you will need basic sewing supplies, scissors, a yard stick, and sewing machine

Get a pillow form 12"X16". Cut two pieces of black felt, one 13"X17" and the other 13"X24"- then cut the longer piece in half. Take those two pieces and on one 13" side, fold over about 1" and sew down. This creates the pieces for the envelope back- and since felt stretches- it will help keep your pillow cover from getting too misshapen.

Cut out a horizontal oval, with a stem on the top of one of the long sides. Cut a vertical oval about the same height (or slightly smaller) as the larger oval, but narrow. Use the pumpkin pieces as templates for the orange fabric and cut the shapes slightly larger than the felt.

To create the pumpkins sew the large oval to the large piece of fabric- around the edge- about 1/4" away. Then place the small felt oval on the small fabric piece and sew the two pieces together in the center of the large oval. Again- depending on the look you like it's probably easier to do this before sewing them on the black felt. You can fray the edges and trim them up, without having to try to get all the little strings off the black felt.
When you have them ready, place them on the front piece of the pillow and sew them where you like them. Keeping the right side of the front piece up, place the right side of the two back pieces DOWN on top- lining up the outer edges. (they should overlap each other by a few inches). Sew around all four sides of the pillow. Clip the corners, turn right side out- and stuff in the pillow form.

Ding, Dong!

Materials:  a pair of striped stockings, stuffing, hot glue gun, welcome mat and witchlike shoes.

Cut the legs from a pair of striped stockings and stuff them with cotton batting, then glue them underneath a welcome mat and add witchlike shoes to the stocking with the glue gun.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at stipple@verizon.net.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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