Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Teen/Adults Halloween Crafts

Here are great crafts for teeny or adults to do during Halloween party to make the party different and exciting.

Ghost Cozies

Hide treats, cover jars in your kitchen, or just line your counters with these pop-up ghosts and ghouls.

Materials: ghost template, paper, white felt, black felt, craft glue, sewing machine, water soluble pen (or a pencil works just as well)

Directions: Download, print, and cut out the ghost template. Then, trace it onto white felt (use two layers at the same time, one for each side of the ghost). Next, sew along the outline of the ghost, leaving the bottom open. Cut around your sewing line and turn your ghost right side out. Finally, cut some eyes, a nose, and a mouth from the black felt and glue them in place. Make as many ghosts as you want and then prop them up all over the house.

Boogie Monsters

Materials:  Tacky glue,  3 (12-inch) pipe cleaners , 2 medium pom-poms (ours were 1 1/2 inches in diameter), 2 googly eyes, Felt, Tiny pom-pom, Wooden skewer, Feather, Poster tack,  2 pennies, and 2 penny-size buttons

Glue a 7-inch length of pipe cleaner between the pom-poms for arms. Let the glue dry.
For legs, fold a 9-inch pipe cleaner length in half and glue the fold to the bottom of the lower pom-pom.
Attach each googly eye to a small felt circle, and then glue the eyes, felt ears, and a tiny pom-pom nose to the face.
For each horn, coil a 4-inch pipe cleaner length around the skewer, then glue the horn onto the head. Fold the ends of each arm to form hands. Glue the feather tail in place.

Add a foot to each leg by using a small ball of poster tack to sandwich each end between a button and a penny, as shown.

Boo Bead Hemp Bracelet

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