Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Crafts for kids to make

Here are several projects for the kids to make on Halloween.  In addition, at the end of this post are two games the kids can make with the craft projects.

Witchy Pen

Materials:  black pen with cap, black felt, craft glue, scissors, sequin piece, ruler googly eyes, and red and green yarn

Cut out a 2 inch circle from the black felt.  This will be the brim of the hat.
Cut an X into the center of the circle. Easy way is to fold the circle in ½ and then cut.  This is so the top of the pen can come though the hat.
Slide the circle ½ ways down the cap of the pen.  Again this is the brim.
Now for the face which will be on the opposite of the pen cap from the clip.  Glue the googly eyes in place. Then glue the sequin piece as the nose
Cut tiny pieces of red yarn and then unravel one strand for the mouth; then glue in place.
Cut several 2 inch pieces of green yarn.  Glue the yarn under the hat as hair for the witch on the sides of the cap. 

Floating Ghost Cup

Materials:  white tissue paper, small clear plastic soda bottle, craft glue, scissors, ruler, and googly eyes

Cut off the top half of the soda bottle leaving 4 inches from the bottom of the bottle.  However you still need to be cutting a 1 inches spiral band around the rim, going around only once.  The band should still be attached to the bottom, which will contain the candy.
Round off the cut end of the band.  Pull the band up and away from the bottle bottom.
Cut 6 inch square of tissue paper.
Glue the tissue paper over the rounded end of the band to look like a ghost floating above the container.
Glue the googly eyes on the head of the ghost.  Fill with candy!!

Spider Race (Game to keep the busy)

Materials:  Scissor, ruler,  four small googly eyes, craft glue, straw, black craft paint, two black pom-poms, sixteen twisty ties, masking tape, string, two flip-top lids from salad dressing, and paint brush

To make the each spider, open the lid and place the end of eight ends twisty ties in to the cap; so they stick out on each side to form the legs of the spider.  Glue them in place and secure them with masking tape.  Close the lid.
Bend the legs in the middle to from the knees.  Bend the ends to form the feet.
Glue the black pom-poms between the legs on one side of the cap for the head.  Glue two googly eyes on the head.
Cut a inch piece of straw and glue the piece to the back of the spider.  Secure the straw with masking tape.
You can paint the spider with the black paint or leave them the color of the original lid.

How to play the Game:
Cut two 10 foot lengths out of the string.  Tie one end of each string to the bottom of a chair leg.  Slide the spider onto the other end of each string through the straw on the back.  At the signal to start, both spiders can be released to slide down the string.  The first spider to reach the end is the WINNER!!
Note:  Additional line can be added to include more spiders in the race.

Pumpkin Numbers Game

Materials:  five bottle tops, orange craft paint, paint brush, craft glue, scissors, scraps of black and green construction paper, and paper cup

Cut five black circles from the construction paper to fit inside of the cap and glue.
Mix a few drops of glue with the orange paint in a paper cup.  Paint the top of the five lids with the paint.
With the black construction paper cut out eyes and mouth out of the paper for the five lids and glue in place.  Then cut five stems out of the green construction paper and glue.  Let dry.

How to play the Game:
Take turns tossing the pumpkins on the floor or table.  For each pumpkin that lands face showing, you get one point.  You do not get a point for a pumpkin that lands face down.  Keep track of how many points each player gets by writing score down on a piece of paper.  After five turns each, the player with the most points wins.

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