Thursday, August 1, 2013

Teeny Projects to make

I have not done a blog on Teeny projects in a long while; so, here we go.  One of the project does require some sewing; but, I think if you trust them with an iron the heat n’ bond strips might just work as well or they can hand sew it around.

Heart Bookmarks

Materials:  Large paper clips, Felt, Embroidery floss, Scissors, Needle, Small beads (optional), and Heart template 

Print and cut out the heart template, and then trace and cut out your pieces of felt. Cut two hearts for each bookmark you want to make.
Sew the paper clip onto the back of one of the hearts.
Now turn the heart over. Don’t worry about the stitches showing on the front, because they will be hidden under the flower and leaves. Sew the leaves on using the backstitch. Be sure to stitch down the very center of each leaf.
Sew the flower on using a French knot in the center. Or you could sew it on using a small bead instead.

Next, sew the front heart to the back heart using the running stitch. To sew along the bottom, just lift up the edges of the leaves and sew underneath.

Drawstring Bandana Beach Bag

Materials:  Two Bandanas, 6 Yards of Satin Cord, Scissors, Sewing Machine, and Large Safety Pin

Line up bandanas, right sides together. Sew all around three sides 1/2" from edge.
Fold remaining top edge down all around 1" from top and press. Sew 7/8" from the edge, leaving a 1/2" opening. This will create the pocket for your drawstring. Turn the bag right side out and press well.
Cut three 2 yard pieces of satin cord and tie them together in an overhand knot. Braid the strands together tightly. (Ask someone to hold the end and keep it pulled taut while you work to make braiding easier.) Tie the final ends together in an overhand knot. Trim. Pin a large pin to one end of your braid.
Push the pin with the braid into and through the pocket all around and out the same hole. Tie ends together.
(If the teeny does not know how to sew, the heat n’ bond strips might just work for this project.)

Cool Sunglass Holder

Materials:  Beading Seashells, Eyeglasses Holder Findings, Nylon Beading Thread and Sunglasses

Cut around a piece of beading thread that is one yard long. Tie one end of this to an eyeglass holder finding. You need to string around 100 seashells on the thread. You can adjust this to fit it comfortably around your neck. Tie the end to the second eyeglass holder finding. Trim both the ends. You need to slip elastic on each finding over the earpiece end of the sunglass.

Funky Jewelry

Materials:  Small Glass Beads, Gold or Silver Beads (4mm), Beading Elastic and White Glue

First, you will need to cut around 30" length of elastic. Use the glue to stiffen the ends. Then, string about 12 glass beads on the elastic. String this to the center of the cord. Ensure you have enough to go around your second toe. Once you have judged the right length, push both the ends of the elastic through a 4mm bead. Make a loop for your toe. Now, string around 1" of beads on each end. Ensure these are even in length. Then, push both ends of the elastic through a 4mm bead. You will need to string another 1" of the beads, on each end. Once you are through with this, push both ends of the elastic through another 4mm bead. You will need to string another 1" of beads on each end. Finally, push both ends of the elastic through a final 4mm bead. Use some glass beads to both the ends till you are left with enough to go around your ankle. Tie this with a double knot. Trim to fit.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at I look forward to hearing from you!

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