Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Woman’s Summer Clothing

While working on other blogs and looking at newsletters; I found more summer clothing to make. 
Beach Cover up

Materials:  5XL (or very large) shirt, Pins, Scissors, Sewing Machine, and Thread.
Turn the 5XL shirt inside out and lay your fitted t-shirt on top of it.
OPTIONAL: pin out about 3/4-1 inch on each side using safety pins. This makes it so you can turn it right side out and try it on to make sure it will fit right. Remember if you did not pre-wash the shirt it will probably shrink a bit.   Once you know where you want the seam pin with straight pins continued the flare of the fitted shirt all the way to the bottom so the skirt would be a short A line.  Trim off the excess material from the sides.  Seams lined up with the shoulder seams on the large shirt so if I cut it off right on the seam it would have been a cap sleeve. You want the sleeves a tad longer; so, just left about an inch outside the seam.  Sew along the pins and stop when you get to the sleeve seams to finish the sides for a plain t-shirt dress.  Use strips of the excess material to form your ruffle. Use 4 strips about 3 1/2-4 inches wide and 13 inches long. You can sew all four strips together for one long strip or do two at a time to make it easier.   Sew a loose stitch all along one edge of the strip about 1/2 inch from the edge leaving strings on each end. Pull one of the strings, holding the other in place to gather the fabric.  Pin the gathered strips on to the skirt. You will end up with seams on the right and left sides and in the middle of the front and the back; but, they are not visible because of the gathering.   Sew a straight stitch right down the line where you gathered to attach the ruffle.
Round Placemat Beach Bag
Use two round placements to make this cute beachy bag. I love recycling material, so these placemats bought on clearance last fall are finding themselves representing a new season.
Materials:  Two round placemats, sewing machine/kit, Felt in various colors, Small cup (for making felt circles), Scissors, Chalk or fabric marker and (Optional) Long ribbon, belt or necktie for strap.
First off, decide what kind of design you would like on your beach bag. I went with some mod circles, so all I needed for my stencil was a drinking glass. You can use store-bought stencils, but keep in mind that more complicated designs will take longer to stitch to the place mat. Use chalk or a fabric marker to trace your designs. Chalk will brush off, and fabric marker won't leak into the wash.Arrange your felt pieces on what will be the front of your placemat. Of course, you can always decorate both sides of the placemat if you wish.
Using a sewing machine, or even hand stitching, carefully attach the felt pieces to your bag. If you are not much of a seamstress, you can use iron-on paper (found at most craft stores) and simply iron-on the felt.Once you have attached the pieces in a cute design, we can sew the place mats together,
Decide where the top opening of your bag will be. It can be as large or small as you like. I made mine big enough to shove my hand, flip flops and maybe a good romance novel in there. Mark each side of this opening on the place mat that will be the front of your bag.
Lay the two place mats on top of each other, right-side out. Stitch all around the place mats to the other opening mark, staying about 1/4" from the edge. 
Fold in the two flaps of the opening. If there is a cool color on the inside of your place mats, you can fold these out instead to add some contrast to the bag. Stitch the flaps in place so that you have a flat top to your beach bag.  At this point, you can stitch on a strap to each side of the opening. Easy straps can be made out of braided shoestrings, ribbon, even neck ties.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at   I look forward to hearing from you!

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