Saturday, July 7, 2012

More summer accessories

Here is a couple of accessories I feel teenage girls would like to do during the summer.  They might be fun to give as gift to their teenage friends, too,

Strawberry Necklace 
Transform a natural walnut into a darling strawberry necklace that will dress up any outfit.
Make It: Paint a walnut red or pink and let it dry. Cut out a top for the strawberry from light green and dark green felt, as shown. Glue the felt pieces together; let dry. Fold the pieces in half and punch a hole in the middle. Unfold and glue to the top of the walnut, leaving the area around the holes free of glue. Thread a ribbon, chain, or piece of string through the holes to create a fashion-ready necklace.
Knotted Bracelets 

Materials:  Tape, 4 yards craft cord, rope or twine*, Soup can or other cylinder-shaped object* and Scissors
Step 1:  Wrap tape around the ends of the cord to prevent fraying. Then, with one end of the cord pointing towards you, tape it to the can, leaving a 3-4” tail.
Step 2:  Wrap the cord over and under the can, creating an X on top. Wrap cord over and under the can again, then cross it over the center of the X and to the right.

Step 3:  From the side, thread the cord under the top right arm of the X.
Step 4:  Completely pull the cord up through the middle, then cross it to the far left.     Step 5:  Pull the middle strand over and across the far right strand, so they switch sides, forming a sideways eye shape.

Step 6:  Thread the loose end on the left under the center cord (the one that forms the left side of the eye-shaped opening).
Step 7:   Pull the cord up through the middle and cross it over to the far right. Your first knot’s finished!
Step 8:  Roll the can forward a little bit, and you’ll see another X has formed. Gently move the center of the new “X” down near your other knot and begin repeating Steps 2 through 7 to create a series of knots. Continue until you’re back at the beginning.
Step 9:  Stop here for a single strand braid, or make 3 more passes to create a double strand braid. Simply weave the cord in and out of the knot pattern you created the first time around.
Step 10:  Stop here, or make yet another 3 passes to create an extra wide triple stranded braid. The more strands you create, the harder it gets to pull through the cord, but feel free to slide the bracelet off the can and finish by hand.
Step 11:  Once you’ve reached your desired braid thickness, double knot the ends together and trim off excess cord.
*Tip: Alternatively, cut clean old t-shirts or corduroy into strips, then knot ends together to create one continuous strand.
**Tip: A big water bottle or plastic cup works just as well. Just be sure the circumference is about the same size as your wrist, and for child-sized bracelets, use a cardboard paper towel or toilet paper tube instead.

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