Saturday, March 24, 2012


Yeah! Got my sewing machine back today! Below is a picture of the crochet cover I made for my sewing machine before it went into for repair.

Weeks ago when I was twittering, I discovered how to do a camel crochet stitch.  I never heard of it before; so, I YouTube it and found out how to do it.
Here is the video link I used  
I used it to make the top parts of the cover. Unfortunately, my fingers were having arthritic problems and did not continue for the sides. I just used double crochet.  It turn out good.  Karl now wants one for his machine. (We have the same model.)

I tested out the sewing machine on the wolf blanket I was working on for Scott.

 This is what the finished blanket looks like.  Kevin wanted to demonstrate the blanket; so, below you will see him laying on the floor with it.  Kevin is 6'3".  Scott is 5'11": so, it will fit him better.

Scott was very surprised that I got to finish it.  He was thinking that I would be spending my time outside; since, it was a nice hot sunny day. (Especially, when we saw a Rainbow outside our door yesterday evening.)

One of my favorite things!!!

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