Monday, March 26, 2012

Great Crocheting tutorials

I really need a web cam like the one Bobwilson123 has on her tutorials.  She has a way to zoom from her head like it is attached to her ear.  She is out of Sydney, Australia.  

The tutorial I viewed was entitled “Mile a Minute Crochet Tutorial”. In this video she shows how to join to row together by attaching finished row together with a non-finished row which makes a new row.  In most crocheting books, they explain how to single crochet or join finished row together with a tapestry needle.  Here you are actually joining one finished row with one non-finished one. 

Bobwilson123 is a twitter, Face book, blogger and a YouTube personality.  Bobwilsoon123@ Her tutorials range from basic lessons to projects.  Like how to make hats, beanie, granny square, borders, joining, baby, accessories, etc. 

I plan on viewing more of her videos, especially the hats and beanie ones to make for the cancer center.  I did have trouble with YouTube; but, it maybe because I do not subscribe to it.  Trying to pause or “rewind” to take a re look was difficult.  Planning on having a ball of yarn and a needle to work along with the tutorial.  It really helps to plan ahead.

I came across this on one of my nights that I could not sleep.  People who have Insomnia know what I mean.  However, my non sleep sometime has to do with taking naps during the day or after I had chemo treatment.

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