Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Store

Went today to get my blood work done for Chemo treatment tomorrow. Found out that we owe $3,450.00 to oncologist office.  This is before my treatment tomorrow.  Unfortunately, this is what is left over after insurance and medicaid paid.  Thank goodness the doctor is on vacation or they would be at me to pay something to them.

Still need sales www.sanditipple.ioffer.com. I listed some new items 2 weeks ago and no one has even looked at them.  I am very sad and unhappy about this situation. If I did not need the money for my chemo treatment, I would probably just stop doing the site or making items.

I have two more coasters to do out of the 19 for the big coaster project; which, I have been working on for months.  Regrettably, the coaster themselves cost more than my time and materials used.

Will be off-line tomorrow.  Have a great day!

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