Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wolf Quilt

I tried to sit outside; but, the wind was to high and blowing what little hair I have that started growing in.  It did not feel good.  I should say it felt weird!

Below is a picture of what I got done on the quilt.

Scott wanted me to make different quilts for him to take to college.  He keeps on insisting about going away to college.  Told him we will have to see about that situation.
Will have to sew the binding this week.  Hopefully, Karl will let me use his sewing machine; since, my machine is with the repair man.

Scott wants to also do the tie fleece blanket with me next weekend.  Again with the wolf theme.  He has read a lot about totems; since, the boys and I are Mohawk Indian.  He states his totems are the raven, wolf and tiger from what he has read.

We also have a tie fleece blanket to do for the Linus Project, too.

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