Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yes! I am back!!

Yes! I am back!!
On September 1st, I started to do a post but things happen and I did not finish it.
I had been doing a lot of crocheting and sewing for organization and donating my stuff.  So, I have not been on the computer and been using my I phone to check my e-mail and look at Facebook.
I have been very busy making chemo hats, animal blankets, animal beds, cat toys, dog toys, and slippers to mention a few things.
I just finished sewing chemo hats to honor Pink Ribbon/Breast Cancer. I made Bucket and shell hats.  They were in Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Fabric and tie dye pink ribbon fabric.  Examples are below:

I have added some of the Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Fabric ones on my ioffer site

I finish another t-shirt blanket for Scott’s 21st birthday.  

Plano Animal Shelter got beds, dog toys and cat toys
Two dog shelters got some dog toys.
Whoatt!! cat rescue got cat toys and  blanket/beds .
Castled cats Rescue: got some cat toys!!
I sent our friend Aubey some cat toys and she gave them to this shelter.  We recently sent her some cat blankets and more cat toys. PIGS Animal Shelter just open up a cat room which these went into that room.

An Example of the Dog Toys:

Some Examples of the Cat Toys: 

Some Examples of blanket/beds:

In addition, I have crochet chemo hats, slippers, and made two lap quilts to give to my oncologist office. Since, blog is getting too long you can look at my Facebook, Twitter (CraftyLadySandi)  and previous blogs to see what they look like.

Beside all the above a friend’s wife gave me some yarn for knitters some I could use with a help of the website that had instruction for crocheters. The other I gave to Pink Slipper Project for a shelter that is going to teach the homeless to crochet and knit. Yeah!! Some I gave to our PA Katie for the volunteers who knit for the oncology office.  So, I have a small amount of the knitting yarn; which, will go to another homeless shelter that is also going to teach knitting to their individuals. 

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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