Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentines Day project for kids to make

One of the projects is for a mailbox which seems to be the trend in elementary schools.  This one is using a Rectangular cardboard box but one could use a shoe box instead.

Beading Hearts

Materials:  20-gauge wire (available at bead stores), Scissors, Pliers, and Beads

Snip a length of wire (a parent's job) and bend it into a V shape.
String on the beads (tape the wire's cut ends first to protect smaller children).
Finish by bending the beaded wire into a heart, then twisting the ends together with the pliers.

Valentine Mailbox

Materials:  Rectangular cardboard box, Craft glue, White self-adhesive shelf paper, Craft knife, Colored paper, Scissors, Stapler, Velcro dots, Stickers, stamps, and other decorations

Glue the box lid closed and then you can cover the entire box with several layers of white self-adhesive shelf paper (enough to block out any writing on the box).
Starting 2 inches from the top, use a craft knife to carefully cut along three sides of the box, leaving the back intact to serve as the hinge (a parent's job). Cut a mail slot (also a parent's job) in the front of the box.
Make a tab closure from a 2 1/2- by 3/4-inch strip of colored paper. Fold it in half and staple it to the center front of the cover. Attach Velcro dots to the tab and the box to keep the top shut.
Decorate the entire box with paper cutouts, stamps, or heart-shaped stickers.

This next project would make a great teacher gift.

You Rule!

Materials:  Ruler, Card stock, Double-sided tape, and Marker

Fold a piece of colored card stock in half. Cut a heart shape that's about 3 inches tall through both layers, leaving the tops of the hearts connected at the fold.
Place a small ruler (we got ours at larascrafts.com for 39 cents each) between the hearts and fasten the bottom of the hearts together with double-sided tape.
Use pinking shears to cut a smaller heart from white card stock. Add a message with markers and attach it to the front of the valentine with double-sided tape.

Bighearted Hello

Materials:  scissors, Red card stock, Hole punch, Heavy red yarn, Tacky glue,    40-millimeter googly eyes, Markers, and White paper or card stock

Cut 1 large heart and 4 smaller ones (ours were 5 1/2 inches and 1 1/4 inches across) from the red card stock. Or use our template.
Punch 4 holes in the large heart and 1 in each of the smaller hearts.
Cut two 12-inch lengths of yarn, then thread each piece in through an armhole and out through a leg hole. Tie on the hands and feet.
Glue on the googly eye, and then draw on eyelashes and a smile.
Write your message on a small piece of the white paper, and then glue it to one of the hands.

Valentine Hat

Materials:  Red pre-cut adhesive-backed craft foam hearts in small (2) and large (2) sizes, Red chenille stems, Wire cutters, Pen, Scissors, Hot glue gun, White poster board, Ruler, Stapler, tape, or glue (to fasten hat together), and Pink pre-cut adhesive-backed craft foam hearts in small size (optional)

Cut a strip of poster board to fit around a child's head and about 2" wide. 
Determine where the side of a child’s head is by trying the band on. Mark with pen. 
Cut red chenille stems in half using the wire cutters. 
Glue the stems on the outside of the poster board where marked. 
Glue a small heart over each of the chenille stems that are attached to the poster board. 
Glue a large red heart at the other end of each of the chenille stems. 
Let the children decorate using the remaining small craft foam hearts or any other decoration such as lace, stickers, markers, and crayons. 
Tape, glue, or staple the hat closed to fit the child. (Paper clips also work)

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at stipple@verizon.net.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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