Thursday, February 13, 2014

Some decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Here are some cute projects for Valentine’s Day

Zip tie Garland

Materials: neon zip ties

Turn a bunch of neon zip ties into a festive garland for a quick, kid-friendly Valentine's Day decoration. First, close the zip tie so that the tail is on the inside, and then pinch the bottom to make the point. Loop the hearts together as you go.

Heart-Shaped Pot Holders

Materials:    Cotton batting, Pins, Cotton fabric (3 stacks of 12-by-12-inch pieces),     Bias tape, Sewing machine, Scissors, and template

Enlarge pot holder template by 200%, print and cut out as indicated. Fold three layers of cotton batting in half; align batting template's straight side with fold; pin, and cut out. Fold three stacked 12-by-12-inch pieces of cotton fabric in half; align heart template's straight side with fold; pin, and cut out. Lay pocket template on one folded fabric heart; cut on diagonal line.
Sew bias tape to straight edge of pockets; backstitch ends.
Layer the pieces, starting with a fabric heart (face down), batting, another fabric heart (face up), and pockets (face up); pin. Sew outside edge, leaving 1/4-inch seam allowance. Trim edge as close to stitching as possible.
Sew bias tape to heart, starting at top center, folding ends under.
Sew 5-inch piece of bias tape, ends turned under, into a loop. Stitch to pot holder.

Lacy Votive Holder

Materials: Lace, Scissors, Balloon, and Needle and thread

Cut lace into a rectangle in the desired size. Trim one of the long sides, which will be the top of the votive holder, following the lace's motif. Sew across the bottom with a loose running stitch and connect the 2 ends. Pull the thread, gathering the bottom into a tight circle, and knot. Whipstitch the short sides together.
Place a balloon inside the lace, and then blow it up to fit the lace's dimensions. Set the balloon upright in a paper cup so the lace form is upside down. Arrange the gathered lace to create an even bottom. Spray with fabric stiffener until saturated. Let dry.
Pop the balloon.

Pistachio Wreath

Materials:  Paper, Scissors, Thick cardboard, Red felt, Glue, Red felt-tip pen,     glue gun, Pistachios, Pink peppercorns, Picture hanger, and Ribbon

Cut a symmetrical heart from paper (this one is about 8 inches tall), then cut out the middle, leaving a heart-shaped ring with inch-wide edges.
Trace pattern onto thick cardboard for the wreath form and onto red felt for the backing: Cut shapes out, and use household glue to attach the felt to the form.
Color the edges of the cardboard with a red felt-tip pen.
Heat up a glue gun, and glue pistachios to the cardboard as shown, beginning at the V-shaped top of the heart and pointing the open ends of the shells outward. Cover the entire cardboard surface.
In crevices between the rows of pistachios, dab hot glue to secure pink peppercorns (available at specialty food stores).
Glue a picture hanger on the back, and loop ribbon through.

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