Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Valentine’s Day projects for kids to make

As I have stated before I love to upcycle; I always had a lot of broken crayons when I taught and there is a great project below to cycle the broken crayons.

Paper Love Bugs

Materials:  empty toilet paper roll, construction paper, acrylic paint, scissors, chenille stems, craft glue, and marker

Paint or cover an empty toilet tube with pink paper to make the body of the bug.
Cut two hearts from construction paper.
Attach these with tape or glue on either side of the body.
Encourage your child to draw a face on the top of the tube. Pipe cleaners make great antennae.
Write a cute message on the wings such as "Valentine, you make my heart flutter."

Felt Valentine Bow Tie

Materials:  Red glitter felt and Thread

Fold the 4" x 5" piece of red felt in half lengthwise so that the glitter side is out. Cut two heart-shaped scallops into the ends of the folded felt.
Sew all along the edge.
Prepare a hand needle with red thread. Pinch the bow tie to create a dimple by first folding in half lengthwise, then folding back again in an accordion fold. Hold the pinch in the center and run a thread through the folds to hold in place. Tie off and cut.
Wrap a piece of 3/4" x 4" around the center of the bow tie, overlapping the ends in the back. Hand stitch closed.
Use a small safety pin to attach the bow tie to a collared shirt just above the top button hole.

Valentine Friendship Necklaces

Materials: Small wood pieces with pre-drilled holes (found at the craft store),    White craft glue, Embroidery floss, yarn, or ribbon, Craft paint and brushes, and Crystals,  glitter,  small flowers

Choose the paint colors for your wood pieces with Valentine theme, so use different shades of pink and red - but you can also add in orange, purple, whatever colors you want. Let your creative side go to work.
Paint the pieces.
Use the brush to paint the pieces. Let dry completely. Once the base coat is finished, add a contrasting color around the edge.
Decorate each piece!
Use a different design for each necklace. For this one, you can coat the wood piece with glue and then used a crayon to pick up tiny crystals and set them to spell LOVE.
Paper flowers can be used as well.

Mini-paper rosettes that were just the right color and size!
Glue roses in the shape of a heart.
Use the rosettes to form the shape of a heart.
Use letter beads too.
This pendant is trimmed in glue and then glitter. You can use letter beads in the center. You could do the same to spell out names or words.
Cut a piece of ribbon or cording long enough to make a necklace, and tie it through the holes at the top of the pendants.

Papier Mâché Mini-Lanterns

Materials: Hollow papier mâché ornaments, 5.5", Craft knife, Picture, printed on copy paper, Glue stick, Craft paint, brushes, Glue, glitter,  embellishments, and     Battery-operated tea lights

Draw a circle on the surface of the ornament; this is where you will cut with the craft knife.
Choose a photo.
Choose a photo, then draw or cut a circle shape a little bit larger than the one you drew on the ornament.
Cut the circle and a circle flap on the back.
Use the craft knife to cut the circle from the ornament. On the back of the ornament, cut another circle, but leave a bit of it connected to make a flap, or a little door. Be careful when using the craft knife!
Paint the heart, inside and out.
Paint the inside and the outside of all the ornaments. Let dry so the paint won't get on your beautiful picture!
Add the glue and the picture.
Add the glue stick to the rim of the ornament. If you use copy paper, It is easier to place outside the cut. If you are using gift tissue paper, you can affix it from the inside with minimal wrinkles.
Add embellishments to your ornaments!
Now that your pictures are glued and dried, it's time to add the decorations! Add painted accents, coat with glue and glitter; add trim, whatever you want. This would be a great time to have the kids help you!
Insert the light.
Insert the battery-operated tea light in the back of the ornament. Close the little flap. Do not use a real candle; ONLY use a battery-operated light.

Crayon Hearts for Valentine's Day

Materials:  Silicone cupcake heart molds and Broken crayons

Place broken, unwrapped crayon pieces into silicone heart molds.
If you want a specific color scheme, you can buy several different single-color crayon boxes, which are now available everywhere. Peel the crayons, and then break them into smaller pieces.
Set the crayon-filled molds on a baking sheet.
Place the tray and molds in your oven at 250 degrees until completely melted -- about 15 minutes.
Remove from the oven and allow setting before removing them -- about 30 minutes.
Then, just pop the crayons out of their molds -- and admire the swirls of color!

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!


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