Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Projects for kids to make

The first project will be a great help to set the Table.  The second project is another to decorate the table.  The balloon craft could wait for that day so each kid could make their own turkey.  

Fingerprint Turkey Place Card

Materials:  Red, orange, yellow and brown paint, Black marker, paper plate, scissors, and White poster board

Cut a square piece of poster board and fold it in half so it stands up.
It is easier if you put a dab of each color on a paper plate first.  Then have your child make an orange, red and yellow fingerprint all in a row. Add a brown fingerprint in the middle of the colored fingerprints.
Let the paint is dry. Then use the marker to add the face and the person’s name. 

Corn-Wrapped Utensils

Materials:  Napkins, yellow and green, scissors, utensils, and twine/ribbon/yarn

Open your yellow napkin and place your utensils inside. Make sure the eating end is facing down (not only does it keeps them clean, it helps to shape the corn)
Fold each side over to make a rectangular shape.
Unfold your green napkin all the way, and then fold it into a triangle and place your "corn" in the center as shown in the picture (the seam at the back).
Fold up both bottom corners of the green triangle.
Fold up both bottom corners again.
Gather all your napkins at the top of the corn and tie a piece of twine, ribbon or yarn around to secure. Pull your green napkin ends down, if your napkins are two-ply, pull them apart to make it look even more realistic.

Balloon Turkey Craft

Materials:  Colored construction paper, scissors, ribbon, glue or tape, and brown balloon

Inflate a balloon for each child.
Attach a ribbon and tie it to a chair or table leg.
Have the children draw and color feathers on lightweight paper.
Then, have them cut out the paper feathers and either tape or glue them to the top of the balloon. They can also draw color and cut out a face or draw it directly onto the balloon.
Use the turkey crafts to decorate for your Thanksgiving feast. Have a few turkeys prepared before the guests arrive.

Paper Lunch Bag Pumpkin Craft

Materials:  Paper Lunch Bag, Paint, Felt, Craft Foam, or Construction Paper, Chenille Stems, Newspaper, Rubber Band, Craft Glue, Paint Brush, Scissors
See note below:


Note:  You can substitute snacks for the newspaper instead; so, the kids have a treat to take home like the adults.

Paint the paper bag orange. Leave the top 1- to 2-inches of the bag brown. If you like, you can make a paper lunch bag jack-o-lantern by painting or drawing a face on your orange paper bag. While you are waiting for the paint to dry, cut a couple of leaf shapes out of green felt, craft foam, or construction paper.
Open up your orange paper bag and set it on your work surface. Ball up pages of newspaper and stuff them into the bag until it is about 2/3 full. Twist the top of the bag, the part that is still brown, and then seal the bag closed using the rubber band. The orange part of your bag will now be your round pumpkin and the brown paper will be the stem.
Spiral the chenille stem around a pencil and then remove it and wrap it around the pumpkin stem to look like a vine. Glue the leaves you cut out near the stem on top of the pumpkin. Your paper bag pumpkin or jack-o-lantern is now done! You can also make large pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns by using a paper grocery bag.

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