Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas Earrings to Make

Started thinking of things to make for Christmas and though about these ideas below would be a great start.

Snowman Earrings

Materials:  Craft wire, 40 white seed beads, 6 black seed beads, Jewelry pliers (Jewelry pliers are available at any craft store.), and Ear hooks.

You'll need about 6" of wire for each earring. After the wire is cut, wrap it around a marker to create the round bottom of the snowman. String beads on the wire to the point where the ends intersect.
Make the head:
Twist the wire twice with your pliers to complete the bottom the snowman.
Wrap the wire around a pen to shape the head of the snowman. Thread beads on each side of the wire, then twist again to complete the head.
The Face:
Bend the wires down behind the head of the snowman. On each wire, thread one white, then one black and then one more white bead. Twist just under these wires to finish the face.

The body:
For the body of our snowman, first curl one of the wires into a circle. Position it so that it can be seen through the other side of the body loop.
For the other wire, thread one white and one black bead. Curl the end of the wire into a circle, just like the last one. Your cute little snowman is complete.
To finish, we will add an ear hook.

Slip an ear hook between two beads at the top of the snowman's head.

Present Earrings

Materials:  Craft wire (6" for each earring.), 40 red seed beads,80 green seed beads, Jewelry pliers and Ear hooks.

You'll need about 6" of wire for each earring. After the wire is cut, bend in half and thread each side of the wire with a little less than an inch of red seed beads, about 10 beads on each side. I used a mix of clear and red beads for this one.
Create the bow:
We are going to create the bow one half at a time. Bend in a bit of the wire to make the curve of the bow, then thread the wire with 8-10 red beads. After the beads are on, bend the wire back toward the bow.

Green box:
Make a sharp bend after you have added red beads to the bow. This will start the box shape of the gift. Thread 4-5 green seed beads for the top of the box.
Bend a sharp corner into the wire again, as shown, and add 10-11 beads for the side of the box. Bend one more time and thread on 4-5 beads for the bottom of the box. At the end of the wire, curl it so that the beads will not slip off. Repeat this step on the other side of the earring to complete the box.

Slip an ear hook through one of the bow loops.

Christmas Tree Earrings

Materials:  Craft wire (6" for each earring), Use green or brown for the trunk of the tree, green for the branch areas and a few bright colors for ornaments if you like (75 seed beads for each earring), Jewelry pliers and Ear hooks

You'll need about 6" of wire for each earring. After the wire is cut, bend in half. The bend should not be a hard crease, but a nice little curve.
Thread beads on the trunk:
Use your pliers to twist at the top of your beaded trunk. Then twist again to create a small loop that you'll use to attach the earring hooks.
For the hook loop, use the rounded edge of your pliers and twist the wire once above it with your fingers. Once the loop is marked with this loose twist, pull out the pliers and twist this part of the wire again to create a strong loop.
Bend down the two pieces of wire sticking out of the top.

Shape the branches:
To shape the branches, you will make three bends as shown in the photo, bending in, then out, then in again. Be sure that the bends in the wire are not sharply pointed, or it will be difficult to thread the seed beads.
Place your beads on the wire, adding in colorful or shiny beads that will represent ornaments. Colorful lampwork beads or metallic larger beads are great for this purpose. Leave enough room at the ends of the wire to curl them up.

Curl the ends of the wire:
To keep your beads from slipping off, create a small curl at the end of each branch wire. Be sure that your curl makes a full circle.

Use the loop we created at the top of the tree to connect your ear hooks.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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