Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Craft Projects for kids

This is one issue of the fall crafts for kids to make.  I will do more later.

Pinecone Birds
Materials:  Pine cone, Google eyes, Yellow and orange foam, small pom-poms, Chenille stems, and glue
Directions: Glue google eyes onto small pom-poms and let them dry. Help your kids fold chenille stems into legs and feet and glue them onto the pinecone. Cut out a triangular beak from orange or yellow foam. Glue on the eyes and the beak; let the creature dry completely before beginning a fun game of make-believe with your kids.

Rock Mushrooms


Materials:  smooth rock, glue, acrylic paint, and newspaper to cover surface
Directions: Search your backyard or a neighborhood park for smooth rocks, choosing ones with flat surfaces so the mushrooms can stand upright. Have your child paint some rocks red (for the tops) and some white (for the stems). Add white dots to the red tops using paint or stickers. Glue the pieces together with liquid glue.

 Strawberry Necklace

Materials:  A walnut, acrylic paint, chain, ribbon, light green and dark green felt, and glue

Directions: Paint a walnut red or pink and let it dry. Cut out a top for the strawberry from light green and dark green felt, as shown. Glue the felt pieces together; let dry. Fold the pieces in half and punch a hole in the middle. Unfold and glue to the top of the walnut, leaving the area around the holes free of glue. Thread a ribbon, chain, or piece of string through the holes to create a fashion-ready necklace.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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